Cats, cars and never mind!

This morning I was up super early to go pick up Elora so we could go together to the Police station to defend my case on the parking ticket scandal…oh yeah, a small victory for me because yesterday, I went back to the parking authority and sure enough found out that they processed my permit incorrectly and then issued me a new permit with the correct area closer to my apartment. Seems that the computer didn’t distinguish between “Inferiore” and “Superiore”, humph! Here in Italy that is like mixing up “North” and “South”.

Anyways, I was feeling pretty positive about my case and optimistic that I would save 80 Euros. The day began however with a mild heart attack compliments of Coco. As I prepared my morning tea I caught her chomping on something white (while sitting on the kitchen table of course).

What the hell is that??? Then I realized she was eating my vitamins! Oh crap! She ate a quarter of my magnesium pill before I realized. Heart racing I quickly dialed the vet…already forming my apologies for calling him at 7:30 a.m. No answer, crap! Now what do I do? I quickly Googled Magnesium and cats and saw that it is in fact in their food, although in much smaller doses. Okay, less panic, but how much is toxic to a cat? No answer, but she is not foaming at the mouth yet and I am now running late to pick up Elora.

I quickly examined the cat and gave her some wet food, fresh water and hairball goo in hopes that whatever she ingested gets absorbed by the food and goo. Off I go and no sooner am I down the road and the phone rings, I am now officially late and Elora is waiting for me…oh and there is also a strange smell emitting from the car. I arrive at Elora’s, open the hood and see hot smoke, hmmm, this doesn’t look so good either.

We take the car to the gas station and dude takes one look and says yeah, overheated, no water and you should take it to Joe mechanic around the corner. This done, I leave the car behind already counting the money fall out of my purse as we step onto the bus. Next stop (an hour later) is the Police station. The comedy began minutes after we arrived with number 96 in our hands…as we inched closer some moron in the back office hit the wrong button and reset the ticket counter to zero! Great, now every Italian within a 15 meter radius is going to have a fit and we will all have to fight over who’s next. Luckily this was a Police station and people seemed quite civilized about the whole thing.

And after all that fuss and muss we were told that we have to wait 30 days before contesting the tickets. At which time the fine will double in price and if I win I pay nothing but if I lose I pay double! How is this fair exactly??? Again, beaten down by the system, Mama suggested I just pay the fine and move on with my life…perhaps she’s right, but it irks me to no end how the system cheats its citizens once again out of a fair trial! *Sigh*

The good news is that I arrived home and Coco seems to be just fine. : )


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Cats, cars and never mind!

  1. sabina says:

    Wow, another amazing adventure of the canadian girls in town :-)!!!!
    And marvelous Coco survived once again.
    I wouldn’t pay that fine, in Italy we say “to pay and to die you are always on time”…they made a mistake, think about it!

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