Another boot in the ass

The Boot shape is very appropriate

My New Year’s resolution was to start keeping a budget. Now when I say budget, what I really mean is a spreadsheet listing where all my money goes…you know, just for curiosity’s sake. What I’ve learned thus far is that most of my money goes towards the essentials like food, but sadly the column that was most pathetic was my ‘fun’ expenses. A total of 60 Euros was spent this month on ‘fun’…hmmm, doesn’t sound like much fun does it?

As I’ve often contemplated my quality of life here I have recently been keeping a mental balance sheet on the pro’s and con’s. Today, for example, I was happy to see the sun shine and I even decided to go ‘visit’ Mama (it seems I have started a bit of a pattern now because she seems to expect weekly visits). It was nice to put on a Spring jacket and all was well until I reached the car.

Once again, that Italian boot has kicked me in the ass. There was not one but two parking tickets on the windshield! Each at 40 Euros!!! What??? How can this be? I have a resident sticker in my window and am parked on one of the many streets listed as being okay. Thank God I wasn’t parked for a few weeks. I hardly ever take the car and sometimes it can sit parked on the street for weeks at a time. Why must the Italian system continue to kick me in the ass?

I am really starting to understand why people here are so miserable…nowhere is there a break from the mindless crap in this country. So now I must rush to the Vigili office before Wednesday to argue these fines…like I’ve got nothing better to do? And, to top it off I must beg (aka bribe with home-baked cookies) Elora or some other poor, unsuspecting soul to come with me so that I don’t walk away 80 Euros poorer and my tail between my legs because some government clerk decided to take advantage of my incomprehension of the Italian language or retarded system.

Now, while I was seething over my tickets I had to stop and do my mental tally of what’s good about Italy vs. Canada and all it took was one peek at the weather in Toronto at minus 9C and I had my answer. I may have 2 parking tickets but I am not shoveling snow and I haven’t worn my winter coat for a week : )


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2 Responses to Another boot in the ass

  1. Affie says:

    We get the same thing…parking tickets with our resident sticker. You know what we do? WHOOPS! The wind blew them away! Gosh darn it. Isn’t it windier there? 😀 And fun? The only fun thing to do here is eat! MANGIA!

  2. Enrico says:

    I tried to keep track of the Italy vs Canada too… i found myself though that i LOVE both countries!!! and a real comparison is not possible. My wife just gave birth to our second child and the hospital service in Bologna was GREAT!!! last time in York Central was a nightmare… traffic, burocracy, income taxes are a nightmare here though and wayyyyyy better in Canada… for example.
    At the end, what is better? i would love to spend 6 month in both country each year… i miss Canada now but i missed Italy when i was in Canada, it’s hard to be and expat!

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