I blame the ‘Supermoon’

This weekend is very special for the moon if you follow that sort of thing. It will be the closest to earth since 19 years ago and so therefore will also appear brighter. Click here to read the whole story: Full-moon

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you but I actually do believe that the moon has mysterious powers and that there is an invisible force in the Universe that scientists label as ‘folklore’ because they can’t explain it otherwise.

I also know that Italian’s seem to be attuned to this sort of thing too because whenever I want to plant seeds in the garden my husband first consults the calendar to see when there will be a new moon. Hmmm, my husband is not exactly the tarot card toting, gypsy, I believe in ferries kinda guy (unlike his hippie wife), so why is he so fixated on the moon when it comes to farming?

All I know is that things have been quite weird for me this weekend. Is it the moon? Is it me? Is it hormones? I just got a frantic call from Mama saying she can’t find Coco! Jesus! Do I need this? How can you not find a 4 kilo white cat in a 2 bedroom apartment??? Okay…the phone just rang, she found her! Breathe I say, breathe! Someone please rescue me from this madness!!!

But if you are just a hopeless romantic, do yourself a favour and look out the window tonight to see the moon, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s another link if you’re interested: Supermoon


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to I blame the ‘Supermoon’

  1. Neeya says:

    Love your blog!
    btw, useless tid-bit of information: the word ‘lunatic’ comes from the word ‘luna’, which you know means moon. Apparently back in the day studies showed crazy people to go even more crazy during full moons and super moons due to the gravitational pull and some effects on the fluids in the brain or something of that sort. So perhaps take a break from your suocera on those days ;). Mine is safely on an island somewhere…although she calls every night and we are updated about her constant constipation. I am not brave enough yet to write about some of the drama of my Italian family, one or two of the cousins actually speak English, so I will enjoy your blog instead!
    p.s. I too am from Canada… Toronto. I miss the organized lines. Le Sigh lol.

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