My rant and the F-bomb

I usually save my ranting for Elora or my sister and reserve my blog for the funnier side of my wacky life here in Italy but there are days when I have just had enough and fail to see any humour in the Italian mentality! My rose coloured glasses came off quite a while ago and I have been trying unsuccessfully to be optimistic about life here in the big boot. In fact, it feels like every chance that boot gets, it kicks me square in the ass.

To start with, I was recently informed that I “rushed” my decision to take an apartment away from Mama and now I am paying the price because I have a mould problem and this has subsequently caused a health problem! How the hell was I supposed to know that it had a mould problem or that I was allergic to the shit? I didn’t see any and I didn’t smell any, and apparently 75% of the old buildings here have a mould problem so why should my situation be unique?

I have paid dearly for proper heaters and a dehumidifier and now I have vacated the apartment for the weekend in order to paint a special product to get rid of the mould once and for all (note here that normally this would be an issue for the landlord but not in Italy!). Hopefully this will be the end of my quasi vacations at Mama’s because she is driving me nuts! (Which is why I left in the first place).

For months now I have been having breathing issues, and yes, I know I am also allergic to Coco, but that is not the issue here. I’ve had many cats and the situation is the same. But my health issues have escalated to sleepless nights coughing and wheezing and now I have had to take time off of work. I actually kept a whole group of hikers waiting for my sorry ass to climb a stupid hill last weekend because I couldn’t catch my breath. (Okay, they were all 30 years old or less, but come on, I’m not 80!)

So today I planned to go see the doctor, you know the crack pot one that I loathe because he is a bit too quick with the prescription pad and not so fast on even checking my pulse! Yesterday was a holiday and I had my doubts that this guy would even be there however I was assured that he is open like a clinic and I don’t need to call or make an appointment. Sure enough, armed with a translation (I was up at 3 a.m. writing this shit out), I headed out to his office only to discover that he was briefly there and now gone…what the fuck? (oops, sorry but I warned you about the f-bomb)

The only reason Italians are happy about yesterday’s holiday for 150 years of Unification is so that they can have an extra 2 days to fuck the dog and not work! Not to mention the fact that anyone who comes from another part of Italy is equally treated like an Immigrant here so what is all this Unification nonsense about anyways?

I apologise to any of my Italian readers, but I really don’t see how living here is so wonderful. I’m also wondering if my experiences here are so unique. Okay, I will admit that my husband’s family are a bit odd, but aside from that I don’t think I am alone in my frustration here.

My husband’s family is another matter…for example, I was accompanied to the vet for Coco’s operation but yet when I needed medical assistance because I can’t breathe I’m told that I need to become more independent and stop acting like a child. Whoa! Yes, I can buy groceries and bus tickets and I can even manage to find an apartment but now I am also expected to master medical appointments with a crack pot doctor who clearly doesn’t give a flying fuck about his patients!

And before you ask…yes, I am also PMSing! Excuse me now for I must go sport a face mask and paint.

Have a nice weekend : )

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8 Responses to My rant and the F-bomb

  1. Oh, dear…you’re definitely not alone. I was dropping some f-bombs last night about this “bella vita” that everyone raves about. The only unification going around here is the unification of making racial comments and charging way too much for the simplest of things.

    About the mould…EVERYONE has it. So, to say that mama doesn’t have it, it’s a miracle. But I bet you any money that your breathing problems have a great deal to do with the excessive amount of pollution in Northern Italy. Residents of Brescia wear masks to walk down the street. I’ve had more health problems since living here than my whole life living in Canada.

    Here’s the thing about Italy – beautiful to visit, a pain in the ass to live it.

  2. Elisa says:

    I’m sorry you’re having so many health problems.

    I guess it’s safe to say that today everyone who had the opportunity took the day off to enjoy a long weekend…Still whoever told you that you could simply pop by the doctor’s surgery when he actually was not going to be in was just a bastard.
    If you don’t liketyour doctor, why don’t you just find a new one? You’re not forced to stay with the same one, I changed mine very recently.

    You said: “I really don’t see how living here is so wonderful. ”

    I actually loled a bit. Living here is not wonderful at all, this is why most of us boggle at why so many foreigners seem to be enamoured with Italy and choose to live down here. Frankly, if I didn’t have my whole family and my boyfriend here I think I’d just move.

    • Hi Elisa!
      I blame Hollywood and films like ‘Under a Tuscan Sun’, haha
      The problem is that Italy woo’s you with its good food, art and wine and then once she has you in her embrace you want more! I certainly had many misconceptions of what life would be like here full-time. Reality sucks! I also lived in the Caribbean and although the good weather and sandy beaches were great, small islands can get quite dull…so life in general is not perfect, we try and make the best of it wherever we are, I just see that living in Italy is harder than i expected and I hoped that the good things would outweigh the bad, but so far my scales are tipped in the wrong direction.

      • Elisa says:

        Yeah, life is never perfect. You’ve always struck me as a very positive, glass-half-full kind of person, so I’m sure you’ll find a way to tip the scales in the other direction. And if ranting on your blog helps…keep doing it! πŸ™‚

  3. Enrico says:

    Well Leah,
    you are right in many things… i think though is just hard to live in a different country.
    I had hard times to find a decent place to live in Canada too, one night i found myself crying my eyes out asking myself why i left Italy!!
    I had also some huge issues and problems with the health system there (York central hospital sucks big time!!).
    Time, friend and loved once help you to get through… In Canada i moved 3 times in 1 year befor finding something decent… you have good reasons i think to live the apartment is it gets too ugly and find something better.
    After so many years in Canada, i found a place with similar features than my house in Richmond Hill… it’s a new house (no mold), with solar panels (muuuuch better than Canada in this) and in a wonderful suburbs of Ferrara (very quite place)….
    Hang on and keep using the F word! it helps a lot i find… πŸ™‚

    • Yes Enrico, I think when things are familiar to us they just “seem” easier, but in fact I am sure for you living in Canada was also a struggle. I know the medical system in Canada is far from perfect…I was very lucky to have a great doctor in the North York City Centre and he even used to call me at home to see how I was doing! This is rare even in Canada! I was sad to leave his service after going to him for 20 years.
      Glad to hear that things are going well for you in Ferrara, and I think there is a big congratulations for a new baby too right : )

      • Enrico says:

        Thanks Leah!!! i hope to have you and your husband over for a nice BBQ and a visit to Ferrara once!!
        I hope all goes well for you, don’t give up… i sometimes, struggle also here (and i was born in this country) but mostly because of the people’s mentality!! The country is just breathtakign…

  4. sabina says:

    Maybe you have just chosen the “wrong” apartment, without considering possible problems. And you could change place. And you could change doctor, too. If you need a name, I can suggest a good one to you, Leah. Yesterday was quite a special day here, I still have my flag on the balcony and I’m really proud we celebrated our Unification, it’s a great page in our history…and I agree with Elisa…many of us took the chance to have a long weekend…me too! I hope you will find soon your good mood πŸ™‚

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