Erb or Herb?

Is that Herbie's Herb? or Herbie's Erb????

Okay, before any of my throwback hippie readers (you know who you are) think this post is going in the direction of puffing some magic dragon, I warn you that it truly is just about the stupid word “herb”. You see, teaching English brings up all kinds of wacky conversations and just yesterday the word “herb” came into the mix.

Now, when I say the word “herb”, the “h” is silent. I corrected one of my colleagues yesterday because secretly, this has always been a pet peeve of mine. I’m sorry, but when I think of “herb” with the “H” pronounced I think of Herbie Hancock or Herb Tarlik, not some plant that I ingest because I have a cold.

BUT, this is when life as an English teacher gets interesting, confusing and downright frustrating! A debate ensued and thank goodness for Google our mystery was solved. Turns out us North Americans like to name guys “Herb” and keep our weeds as “Erbs”. As for those Brits, well, I don’t know what they’re smokin’ but I also don’t know any British guys named “Herb”, therefore, those “weeds” we buy in the U.K. should be called “Herb“. Got it!

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5 Responses to Erb or Herb?

  1. major2007 says:

    I definitely agree with you here. I hate people that pronounce herb and they pronounce the h. I was taught in English class that that was one of the times when the h was silent. I like your Herb Tarlick reference.

  2. Camomile (Melbourne) says:

    Have hust found your blog and I love it!

    Down here, yes ALL the way down here….. we say Herb with the H. Saying herb without the h makes means we must be speaking to someone from the northern hemisphere.

    The Brits actually say Herb but we don’t hear the H. H in the UK sounds the same in the words _oovering, which they do to keep their _omes clean!

    Looking forward to reading your new posts (in between catching up on your old!)

    • Welcome aboard mate!
      I’ve never been down under but read Bill Bryson’s books “in a sunburned country” and I worked for Australian Airbrushed Tattoos for years while on the ships. My boss was an Aussie : ) Good fun! I think I may have even made a reference to a Billabong in one of my posts too ; ~) It’s on my bucket list to go one day…but you’re so damned far away!!!

  3. Camomile (Melbourne) says:

    (You know, I checked and rechecked my response above and still! didn’t edit it properly)


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