Banking mystery solved!

It’s amazing how much one can learn in an English lesson including the teacher! I was always confused whenever I tried to use my bank card to pay at the supermarket because it is a “debit card” or in other words, I put money on it and use the card for convenience but I get no “credit” from the bank and once the money is used up I have to add more.

Well it seems that my confusion has finally seen the backwards logic of the Italian system (or is it that the rest of us are backwards?). You see, the Italians refer to a debit card as a credit card…are you following me on this? They literally see the word “debit” and equate it to “debt” meaning I am using money I don’t already have. Whereas we use a debit card to mean that we are debiting our account a certain amount. A credit card, on the other hand is seen as a card that already has “real money” on it…no wonder I have been so confused about the banking systems here!

Is Italy the only country to view these things in this way I wonder?


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1 Response to Banking mystery solved!

  1. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    It sounds like to me that the Italians have it backwards and the rest of us have it right. I use my debit card for everything and frankly would be really lost without it, and it can be used like a credit card, but it also debits my account for the amount of the purchases I ahve made with it.

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