Men and kitty fun!

First of all I would like to apologize to any male readers that I have and did not mention in my previous post. You see, my dad is my biggest fan and second to him is Rick, who is my brother…and I think he just reads my blog because hunting season is over and it’s still too cold for fishing. Then there is Enrico, who is the token ‘male reader’ because he actually reads my blog and IS NOT RELATED TO ME!

There is also Alan and Lin, but I cannot count them as ‘readers’ only because they were friends before becoming ‘fans’. So that leaves Enrico…and of course any other guy out there who may in fact read my blog and has chosen to remain silent. Enrico has commented on a few of my posts and we have even attempted to meet up because he is also a fan of Elora’s blog, but the timing and the winter flu kept everyone away.

Anyways, I just wanted to salute the guys because all this talk about Feste della donne has made me a bit nauseous. Don’t get me wrong, I salute all the women too, I just don’t know why the women need a special holiday to be acknowledged and the men somehow get shuffled to the side to pay the bar bill, that’s all. I’ve got some great male friends and I cherish the men who are my family too…my husband, my brother, my dad, my uncles Harv and Jim, my nephews, and who could possibly forget Nick!

And so, with that sentiment, I dedicate these videos of the miracle kitty to all of you, (yes, I am a proud mom and have got wayyyyy too much time on my hands apparently)

Here’s Coco digging a packet of kleenex (fazzoletti) from my purse:

and then, for those of you who think cats don’t play fetch…


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3 Responses to Men and kitty fun!

  1. Kinda off topic, but I’m totally against these “violence against women” campaigns, simply because there is violence against everyone! Obviously I don’t want women being subjected to violence…but I don’t want man or even kitty being subjected to it either. So I get your view on Festa della donna. x

  2. hey leah; adwoa here!

    i wanted to say that while i see your point about the italian celebrations of international women’s day (interpretive ice dancing, really??) – that’s not the entire story.

    celebrating international women’s day with mimosas and figure skaters ignores the very real fact that even in america women make just 80 cents to the dollar of what men earn. (which, i jokingly tell my male friends, is why i expect them to pay the bar tab – the feminism of the pocketbook šŸ˜‰

    but jokes aside, italy and america’s problems are real but not usually life-threatening (unless in america you relied on planned parenthood for care, and now…) march 8th is INTERNATIONAL women’s day, however. you know the protests in egypt and tunisia? now the countries are rewriting their constitutions and there are no explicit protections for women being included. no big deal? women who marched today were harassed, hassled, and told to go home. not by mubarak loyalists: by the men (all men; there are no women on the constitutional committee) they were protesting beside three weeks ago. it’s already been forgotten.

    a revolution they helped start and sustain and see through is now being taken away from them, and half the country is being told to shut up, put on the veil and get back in the kitchen. it’s infuriating. i love men – which is why i think such systems hurt them almost equally in that in broken institutions even the unconsciously privileged are damaged by the inequality of power. and as long as sex slavery, infant mortality, poor nutrition and lack of education still disproportionately affect women, we need to take time to really look at that: not just use it as an excuse to sell yellow flowers.

    so on international women’s day i give thanks for being in a country where i can joke about who pays the tab, where i can imagine that men are being marginalized even for one day out of the 364: but it also sobers me and causes me to remember that many many women around the world are not as free.

  3. Hi Adwoa,
    Well put indeed. I agree with you 100% that we are most fortunate to be women living in countries that give us equal rights. Certainly there are still some imbalances, I’ve been turned down from amazing jobs because I was of “child-bearing age”, so on this one you are preaching to the choir.
    But I see this as a small blip of injustice compared to those women who are having their noses cut off and acid thrown on them.
    I also see my husband spend 8 months a year away from home to earn a decent salary which he then uses to help his mother, sister and me have a better life here in Italy. He comes home for 2 months and has the weight of our world thrust on his tired shoulders while on ‘vacation’. He works 4 months, everyday, 24/7.
    I agree with your statement that we need to take time to really look at the way things are for women worldwide instead of using Women’s Day as an excuse to sell yellow flowers.
    Maybe we should band together and actually do something about it???

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