Adventures with Mama

Today I think I have successfully knocked 3 years off of my life. Please, let me explain:

As the title indicates, I am still hanging out with Mama and well, when Mama is anywhere near my weekend things tend to get a bit, ummmm, lets just say interesting.

As most of you know, Coco is a white cat, but when she stays at Mama’s she usually looks like she has been hiding under the dustbin or two. Last year I posted about how insulted I was when Mama decided to get a maid. But, she has since fired the maid and because I am not living here full-time it’s impossible to keep up with the dust bunnies. Every time I visit I feel like Cinderella scrubbing and cleaning before the big ball.

Yesterday I had an easy day at work so I decided to sit on the sofa and play with Coco. That’s when I suddenly noticed a small army of ants marching to and fro with crumbs. Geez, when’s the last time Mama passed the vacuum through this place? I did however notice that the Christmas tree was finally stuffed back into a random bag and shoved into a corner of the room so perhaps we are making progress, after all it’s only February 26th!

I decided to get the vacuum and dispel of those pesky ants and that’s when the adventures started. Mama decided she wanted to dismantle the vacuum and clean it first. So, still in my pyjama’s I am suddenly covered in dirt and my simple task has turned me into a large dust bunny.

We replaced the bag, cleaned the power head and then proceeded to take every dusty persian carpet (9 of ’em but who’s counting), out onto the balcony for a good shake-can anyone spell instant asthma attack? (At this point I am secretly praying that the boiler is on because I am going to desperately need a shower before this is all over) Then Mama, with her Herculean strength, moved every stick of furniture so that yours truly could suck up months of hair, fur and crumbs from under her bed.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Today she needed to go shopping and I know she was dreading it. I offered to go with her simply to help carry heavy bags but it has been quite a while since I had been in the car with her and I somehow had forgotten (yes, I’m getting dimentia now shut-up!) what an adventure it truly is to be a passenger with her. As I stomped on my imaginary brake and frantically waved pedestrians out of her way we managed to arrive at the supermarket (thankfully less than 1 km from the house) unscathed. But I think it took the rest of the day for my heart rate to go back to normal.

So, how was your day?


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1 Response to Adventures with Mama

  1. eloradaphne says:

    You’d think you would have learned by now woman!!

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