Cooking for single chicks and Fashion fun!

I don’t know how to cook for one, in fact I am not much better at cooking for anyone, but it seems that there is an artform to making rice. Every time I cook the damn stuff I have enough for a small army. It’s too bad cats don’t eat the stuff, you would think that with all the little old ladies around with multiple cats that someone would be brilliant enough to come up with a cookbook entitled “Cooking for the single gal and feeding the leftovers to her cats”. Hmmm, maybe I’m onto something here? I’ll pin that idea next to the 100 other book ideas floating around in my spacious head that I am too lazy to pursue.

I have many friends that while away hours on Facebook playing Farmville and I have resisted the temptation because I am pretty good at whiling away hours doing useless things already. But one of the things I love about my teaching job is that I learn stuff too. Yesterday I had a 2 hour conversation class with a 20 year old College student. She is studying design and just by chance I had printed out some conversation topics for discussion and one of them was about Fashion. I love this one because Italy is after all the fashion mecca of the world and I am always curious what the inside perspective is on this one.

Needless to say, my student was thrilled with my choice of topic and sadly the 2 hours went by at rapid speed (when would I ever say that about work on a Saturday morning?) The best part was she told me about a really cool website that let’s you play Barbie dress up! I know, it sounds crazy, perhaps I am reverting back to my childhood or something but I was a huge Barbie fan and had one in every colour!

But seriously, it’s not really Barbie, but it’s real models that you can pick and choose clothes, etc. for. There is a huge selection of colours, fabrics and accessories and it allows you to run wild with your imagination without having to actually buy anything! Looklet even has contests you can enter to see who can style the best outfit using one key item to kick it off. So, as you have probably guessed by now, I am totally hooked on this site. Forget Farmville and raising virtual sheep, I’m aspiring in my dreams to be the next Coco Chanel!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Cooking for single chicks and Fashion fun!

  1. eloradaphne says:

    lol you really are addicted!!!

  2. Oh… that sound like fun! I’ll have to look into that!

  3. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    Now that really sounds like trouble, but at least it sounds like it is keeping you out of trouble.

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