The graceful elephant & parrots

While the rest of the world’s couples get to cuddle over chocolates and overpriced romantic dinners I get to adjust to being alone again.

I got my final (hopefully) shot of medicine from Mama and am feeling almost back to normal again. Too bad my husband couldn’t hang around long enough to reap the results. Instead, the poor guy had to suffer through my most elegant moments of sniffling and blowing my nose. I’d like to think of myself as a delicate flower but when I blow my nose or sneeze all doubt goes quickly out the window! My brother once compared me to a herd of elephants and my husband says my sneezing could take down a building.

Our romantic days could be counted on one hand and I have yet to master the balance of my expectations vs. reality. My husband was only home for 8 weeks of which 3 were taken up doing courses for work. That left 5 weeks of wedded bliss together right? Now add in trips to the bank, IKEA, the post office, and buying a new vacuum and perhaps the bliss part is a bit overrated? At least I won the battle for the Hoover…what the heck do men and Samsung know about vacuums anyways?

Now my husband is on a plane and I feel somewhat ripped off that all our time together was eaten up by adult responsibilities and the damn flu. Boo!!! This grown up stuff is for the birds. Speaking of which, did you know that Genoa has wild parrots? I saw them flying over Casteletto Saturday afternoon.

Well I would like to wish everyone single or attached a happy St. Valentine’s Day. For the record, my husband is not the romantic type anyways (he referred to the vacuum as my gift) and so I don’t think I am really missing out on any enormous chocolate hearts. In fact, I don’t think I have ever received such things from any guy which begs the question who is buying this stuff anyways?

I continue to count my blessings because my husband is more of a random romantic and I am okay with that too. Besides, trying to live up to an unrealistic notion of romantic love is hard work. I have a 25 year old friend who wears stiletto heels and walks around with her jacket open all winter. I walk around bundled up like yogi the bear in trainers and I get the flu! Life’s just unfair sometimes.

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4 Responses to The graceful elephant & parrots

  1. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    Don’t feel bad, I am single and am dating no one so I bought a large box of chocolates for me and they are now gone. I guess sometimes you just have to pamper yourfelf and am glad you seem to be feeling better.

  2. sabina says:

    Oh dear, you are a delicate flower, for sure!
    As for the parrots, it’s true, here is full of them, I always hear two parrots chatting at 8 o’clock in the morning…on sunday, obviously 😦
    Happy Valentine to you, Leah!

  3. Rickardo says:

    Valentine”s day is over rated….
    If you have the right someone in your life, you don’t need a date on the calander to remind you that there is somebody worth while.
    For me it means there are 364 other days to surprize and to show her that she is worth more than a box of chocolates.
    Do the math….

  4. Are you guys kidding? I want the damn chocolates! Never get any though. How hard would it be to take 20 minutes out of one’s life to go to the store and buy a little box? Ugh.

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