Castello di Gargonza

Aside from the fact that I kept calling this tiny village Gorgonzola (like the smelly cheese), it was actually a very memorable place. We arrived late at night and were welcomed with a short tour of the village which finished off with a warm cup of mulled wine…the group was quite happy : )

Situated in Tuscany, I have to admit that I’m slightly disappointed that I married a Ligurian man. Not that I am criticizing the sea or the fresh seafood, it’s just that everything Tuscan sings to my soul. The wide open spaces and rolling fields of sunflowers and vineyards call to me like a Siren to a Sailor. If it wasn’t so cold I would be the first to be running naked through the fields singing my favourite Julie Andrew’s tune “the Hills are alive with the sound of music”. (Yes, I know I have a thing for running naked through fields, I must be a closet streaker!)

I admit I spent six days eating my way through the menu of Tuscan delights. My theory was that the more I ate the warmer I would feel. I mean who cares if I gain a few kilo-, life is short!

I even brought home some wild boar sauce and of course boxes of cantucci (mini biscotti). The village had a huge dining room that was once the barn for tractors. There were floor to ceiling picture windows and an enormous fireplace to cozy up to.

After dinner we would call to the owls in the woods while my husband warned that 100 years ago I would be burned at the stake for such a thing! Before retiring for the night our group huddled in the games room where another fire roared nearby while we chatted and sipped grappa (well, they sipped while I rolled onto the couch happy as a kitten with a belly full of warm milk.)

During the day we made our way over to the local terme called Antica Querciolaia which if you asked me to pronounce would sound something like “Coca-cola” with a mouthful of peanut butter that got in the way! But nonetheless, this was a cool spot especially the swimming pools which started indoors and continued outdoors with steam rising up against the cold air. You could swim outside or brave the freezing outdoors, drop your robe and jump in as quickly as possible!


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2 Responses to Castello di Gargonza

  1. major2007 says:

    This place sounds lovely and sounds like something I would enjoy.

  2. sabina says:

    Querciolaia sounds like coca-cola is amazing 🙂
    Ciao Leah!

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