Boar Ragu & Coco Flambe

First let me just say that the reason I have not blogged lately has everything to do with the Italian system and my lack of Internet at home…if I continue to explain this further I am afraid my head might explode and then where would we all be?

So, I decided to do the next best thing and rather than rant about the Italian system being a bunch of incompetent boobs, I decided I would tell you the story about my recent Christmas vacation.

My husband is home and we decided to treat ourselves to a week in Tuscany. I often secretly wish that my husband was from this region of Italy because it is such a contrast to Liguria. For starters I think I ate my way through Tuscany for six straight days and I apologize for none of it! The food there is not only yummy but hearty to keep the cold temperatures at bay. My favourite indulgence was Cinghiale Ragu and pasta (wild boar sauce), which I was more than happy to eat considering I know these animals are well fed…remember they are known for ransacking my private garden!!!

In addition, there is so much land and space compared to the cramped streets of Genova that I was half tempted to run naked through the fields in pure joy. Now, before we get carried away I said half tempted, I mean come on people, it was -2c for Pete’s sake! (Who the hell is Pete anyways?).

We also visited a nearby Terme (spa with natural springs) and spoiled ourselves with swimming outdoors and massage treatments ; ) I will surely dedicate a separate post to this Terme another day as it is worth its own blog post.

But, as everyone knows by now, no adventure with Leah goes without the usual holiday hiccups (remember Lago Maggiore and the rescue mission from the cable car?). This was officially my first vacation away from Coco. And, like the new mom that I am, I was a bit worried about her being in Mama’s care for 6 days and it turns out that I had every reason to worry about my precious little fluff ball.

Coco is a kitten and like most kittens she is bad and gets into EVERYTHING! She seems to love water and jumps into every sink in the house to drink water from the tap. The problem is that Mama’s kitchen sink is right next to the stove and well, you guessed it, she had her butt in the air and was taking a drink while Mama was cooking something and seconds later Coco’s tail caught fire!

Coco is fine, just a bit less fur on the end of her tail as luckily Mama was in the kitchen and promptly jumped on Coco with a towel and doused the fire out before it could cause any permanent damage. Mama on the other hand almost had a heart attack over the incident and then stressed for the rest of the day waiting for me to come home. I got word of the incident just before we left Tuscany and let me just say that it was the longest ride of my life!

So, like I said, never a dull moment over here. Perhaps next time Coco can come to Tuscany and run through the fields with me ; )


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4 Responses to Boar Ragu & Coco Flambe

  1. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    It sounds like a great vacation and would love seeing you running naked through those fields, and like me that would be a scary sight. The food and the massage sound wonderful and I am sure by now Cocoa is all right and happy to see mommy.

  2. sabina says:

    So nice to read you again, dear Leah and to know you had a great vacation in Tuscany! Poor little Coco…but she’s a tough girl, I’m happy she’s fine 🙂

  3. Bella says:

    So happy to see a blog post from you! I’ve totally been looking forward to it! Poor Coco and I’m almost tempted to say, poor Mamma! Yes, I agree, little Coco should definitely hop on the vacation wagon the next time you leave town! 🙂

  4. Shelley says:

    OMG are you related to me?????? Always, and I mean always, a disaster waiting to happen!!!! Must be in the genes!!!

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