Honestly, just wait for the mini-series

I wish I could say that this holiday season has been relaxing but in fact it has been quite busy. And before you get visions of me popping sugar plums into my mouth while visiting various relatives and friends guess again. I won’t bore you with my continuing saga to get a bank account and Internet because I figured it would be better to make a mini-series about it (I’m only half kidding, so stay tuned).

Currently, I am sitting here with two heaters blasting warm air at me while I wait for the courier to deliver some new heaters that my husband promises will heat up the house without robbing the bank…although at this moment what do I care, I can’t seem to get a bank account anyways!

We’ve also given another 25 Euros to Vodafone for wireless Internet for the next month. I was resisting giving them any more money but when we were told it was easy to get a bank account online we decided to hook up a temporary Internet service here to get the task done…it was only afterwards that we were informed that a wireless connection wouldn’t work with the bank’s system (of course!) And so the mini-series continues…

The good news is that Coco was a big hit at Christmas! She was very sociable with family and friends and even took naps next to my husband’s uncle. When we finally brought her back home she slept for several hours completely exhausted from all the playing and excitement. My only concern is Mama. Coco has still not warmed up to her all that much and every time Mama picks her up she leaves a trail of her perfume on the poor kitty.

In addition, Mama has been warned several times not not to leave the balcony door open and also to watch Coco when the dog is there and several times I’ve had to deal with the adventurous furball who managed to sneak out the door or when she was panic-stricken after coming nose to nose with the dog! Now I can fully understand the expression “curious like a cat’.

Today I decided to buy Coco a collar so that IF she disappears from Mama’s while I’m gone at least she will have some identification on her and possibly be returned to her Mom! For the record, I have never used a cat collar before. I once bought my Persian a harness so that she could sit in the back yard and not run away but that proved to be useless because 5 minutes later she managed to tangle herself up around a deck chair and was lucky I came by to untangle her before she choked herself.

This new collar was not easy to find. It’s surprising with all the dog poop on the streets that this city is not crawling with pet stores! After an hour of searching I found one and bought a little capsule that hangs from the collar. You put your information on a tiny piece of paper and stick it into the capsule which then hangs next to the bell on the collar. Oh, did I mention a bell? Coco loves bells, she loves to chase them and bat them around the kitchen floor…but around her neck, well that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

I put the collar on her and “let the games begin!” She danced around like a wild woman trying to get that damned bell on her neck and I feared that if I stopped laughing for a minute and grabbed my camera the poor little baby might dislocate a shoulder trying to chase the damned bell! So, just like a rodeo star, she lasted less than 20 seconds on that horse! I will remove the bell and try again tomorrow.

The tiny address capsule will read:
Dear kind stranger, I’m lost because Grandma ordered another pizza and I snuck out the door to chase the pizza guy. Please return me to my mom as soon as possible so that I can continue to jump on her head at 6 a.m. I’m sure she will give you a big reward, hugs, Coco.     


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1 Response to Honestly, just wait for the mini-series

  1. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    It sounds like life is still keeping you in high gear and I wish you luck getting the on line bank account as well as the internet. Cocoa sounds adorable and wishing you a happy 2011.

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