“Boh” is an expression in Italy that I have picked up. It’s like saying I haven’t a clue about what you’re talking about and for me quite fitting perhaps but still I feel terrible that I have adopted this bad habit because it really is a meaningless expression kind of like “Eh” in Canada. But what can I say? I have started to talk with my hands and shrug my shoulders like the rest of Italy because I feel like it’s the only way people will understand me. And for the record, I don’t think I really used “Eh” all that much but perhaps I never noticed. I sure do notice it when I go back to Canada though.

But, off topic here for a moment…I have been without Internet at home which is why I have been really slack with the blog posts lately. I am currently at work and hooked into the wireless connection but to be honest my most creative writing moments usually happen when I am sipping tea in my pajama’s! Apparently I would be breaking the dress code here on that one so that’s why the lack of posts.

My work schedule has also doubled and I have been dealing with my first foray into the Italian Public school system. Yeah, I know, me teaching at a Public school! If you hear a big thud it was probably my old teachers back in Canada falling over with laughter.

I went to visit Mama yesterday and as usual there were dust bunnies the size of my cat in here room and 4 or 5 pizza boxes stacked up next to the garbage pail. I have cut my grocery bills in half and my apartment is spotless. Although I am still working on some heating issues I am happy as a clam to be living alone.

That’s all for now…I am hungry and need to eat lunch.

Here’s another great expression only in North America…”have a good one!”


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7 Responses to Boh!

  1. sabina says:

    Ah, ecco…mi stavo preoccupando che non scrivevi più! Non mi sparire, eh?
    In che scuola insegni, cara? Beh…ora che parli benissimo italiano, ti scrivo così 🙂

  2. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    Have a good one yourself, hope you are well. i got home from the hospital on Wednesday and am trying to take things as easy as i can. Believe me when I tell you that Major was a hit with the nurses, too bad they weren’t single.

  3. major2007 says:

    Is that anything like Homer Simpson’s doh?

  4. Geoff says:

    I think, as a true Canadian, you were looking to say: “Have a good one, eh!’. 🙂

  5. Carolaine says:

    I am dying of laugher! I moved to Italy and lived in Rome for 2 years. The “Boh” is something I hated and eventually did without control… Now I live in Burkina Faso and trying to speak French while including the “Bohs” is not very sexy! Great blog!

  6. I think I would fit in great in Italy. I talk with my hands and shrug my shoulders way too much. Glad to hear that you have your own place now.

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