Bird crap & Canadian hunting

I’m starting to think that my friend Enrico is onto something about these all-in-one laundry machines. He has certainly done a good sales job on making me want one (obviously I’m not a hard sell) and then the mysterious bird that crapped on my clean laundry didn’t do such a bad sales job either for that matter. Hanging clothes on the line in the city is not quite the romantic ideal I experience at our house in the country where the lavender plants make my sheets smell nice and fresh after a day hanging on the clothesline.

Needless to say, I am doing another load tonight with the “spotted subjects” with fingers crossed for tomorrow. I would do what my friend Affie does and place them indoors on radiators but my tiny apartment doesn’t have such things. If I only had a BB gun…hmmm, is that a very Canadian thing of me to say I wonder? I shot my first BB gun at the age of 5 in my grandfather’s basement. He had girly calendar’s we’d shoot at and I guess back in the 60’s there was no such thing as politically correct things for kids to be doing at 5!

Anyways, the birds for now will be my new nemesis just like the wild boar are up in the country house…and didn’t I just read a blog recently written by an Italian girl who moved to Canada who wants to know why we like to hunt? There’s your answer my dear! Clean laundry and intact zucchini plants!


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4 Responses to Bird crap & Canadian hunting

  1. falena says:

    Heh, I’m kind of old-fashioned, I could never get a dryer for my clothes, I just love the way my laundry smells of ‘clean and sunshine’ when I take it back inside after hanging it outside to dry.
    Of course, I don’t live right in the city centre, so I have no pigeon poo on my clothes (though there are lots of turtle doves, but perhaps they have different evacuating habits, ‘cos I never seem to find dove poo on my laundry!).

    Naturally, with the way the weather has been going on recently I haven’t had sunshine-dried laundry in quite a while…I just have a rack-like thingy I put up in my bedroom for rainy days.

  2. Enrico says:

    I will be in Genoa from the 20th to the 29th!!! Me and my wife can give you a full demo and presentation on the product!!!! LOL…
    Not before going with Elora at the all you can eat place…

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