Italians are just plain weird

Sunday lunch was your typical spread with more than enough food to eat. I did my best and even wore stretchy pants for the occasion but I still had to send back half eaten bowls of pasta…I know shameful, too bad it is so “gauche” to take home doggy bags in this country! I say all expats rebel and start a trend here in Italy. Gone are the happy days of my past when a meal at my dad’s involved loads of homemade goodies (Yvonne has the magic touch when it comes to deserts) to take home that lasted me a week of free munching.

Anyways, here’s the weird part, as with my collective Italian family there will always be a weird part…

Uncle B, who was married to Aunt C, was there for lunch. Okay, so maybe not so weird, I don’t know. But then there is also Aunt Z who is there with her ex-husband Uncle R and wait…another uncle who is there with his ex-wife. Are you a bit confused? Here we have 3 sisters (including Mama) and 1 brother. They are ALL divorced and yet all the ex-spouses were there for lunch. I exclude Mama’s ex only because he is already six feet under, otherwise I wonder if he would also come?

So tell me my Italian friends, is this normal Italian behavior and that when you marry an Italian it truly is for life? Or is it once again my crazy version that messes up all those stereotypes? Personally, I think it’s kind of nice that they all seemingly get along well enough to share a meal together but that begs the question of why are they all divorced? Is it, I like you but I don’t love you anymore and your mistress is running up our phone bill but if you’re free Sunday afternoon come on over for some pasta with the gang? Is that what’s going on here?

Honestly, I’m a bit confused. I remember Mama’s quote that stuck with me which was “Edoardo’s father didn’t know he was married”. Hmmmm, I know he travelled often for work and I also know they despised each other after the divorce but I wonder if he too would be dropping in for coffee if he were still alive? But then again if I know Mama, she would probably put some sort of laxatives in his wine and so perhaps the fact that he is no longer of this world is lucky for him!


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5 Responses to Italians are just plain weird

  1. sabina says:

    My dear and lovely Leah,
    I’m sorry to tell you that there’s something you should know.
    To be honest, you are in the Truman Show 🙂

  2. Enrico says:

    Well i am italian and i am married for life!!! my wife is the best thing that happend for me. Most of my friends here in Italy are happly married and, i admit i know also some weird cases. I had my weird encounters in Canada too though, an 18 years old with 2 kids from 2 different man (Bradford was full of welfare paople and strange cases), a colleague that shared his wife with another colleague (not me), etc….
    Finally US takes the first place, after all Jerry Springer show was born tere 🙂

  3. falena says:

    Well, I wouldn’t say that down here marrying is invariably for life, because I know plenty of divorced people…One thing that is true for most Italian, though, in my opinion, is that we do have a stronger sense of ‘family’ than most. The ties that bind and all that. Once we do accept someone in our family, then that is indeed for life, in my experience.

    (I have my theories on why we hold families ties so dear – they truly are the fabric that keeps Italian society together – and how they came to be so in time, but I’ll spare you. I tend to get rambly when I analyse Italy. :D)

    My uncle got divorced a few years ago but we all love his ex-wife so much that we still invite her to dinner and most family gatherings. I suppose it’s a good thing the split was amicable? Anyway, she will always be my aunt, to me.

  4. “Edoardo’s father didn’t know he was married”. That is hysterical. That describes my second husband perfectly! I will have to remember that.

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