Pie and paint

Perhaps I should stop trying to multitask but I just can’t help myself. Weary about the brown pie (the photo actually makes it look quite tasty), we still have not tried it. The big Thankgiving Feste is Sunday and I am heading up to my friend’s in-laws later today. But I feel I must share with you the continuation of the pie episode first. So, nothing personal Elora, but I Googled a different recipe and decided to try again with the pie. I had tons of leftover pumpkin so why the hell not? I ended up with another sloshy mess but this time it baked a pretty orange colour…the recipe used honey instead of brown sugar. Last night my mother in law and I decided to cut into the new pie and taste it, I mean what the heck, if I’m going through all this trouble I certainly don’t want to carry two crap pies all the way up to the mountains in order to toss them into the garbage bin.

So today I can report that the second pie tasted okay and I will be turning up at Elora’s in-laws along with the brown pie and a half eaten one. That should impress them!

Now, onto the rest of my day plan…yes, I know I said I was going to study, but that is next to impossible with a barking, whining dog at your heels. Unless you just want me to check into a mental hospital now to save us all the hassles. For the past 5 years I have slept in a pink/puke peach bedroom. This paint colour was selected by my sister-in-law and no offence, but it’s dreadful. I’ve hesitated to re-paint if for several reasons, 1. being that living with Mama was supposed to be a temporary thing, hmmm, we all see where that’s going and 2, because Stelle was a sick cat and I didn’t want to disrupt her little pink haven.

I find painting to be very relaxing so as I was already covered in pumpkin bits why not keep the ball rolling and cover myself in paint too? Coco will be here in 6 weeks and I want the room to be clear of any paint smells so best to get on it now. Being the frugal person that I am I had already brought along an old can of yellow paint from the house in the country. Why buy more paint when this one should be fine? WRONG! I got 1 meter of a wall covered and really liked the orangey/yellow tone (ironically it kinda looks like the colour of a pumpkin), but even with the windows wide open the smell was a bit strong. I decided to take another peek at the label and this is when I see that it’s a special “exterior” paint. Of course back to Google I go and sure enough it is highly recommended that you DO NOT USE EXTERIOR PAINT INSIDE THE HOUSE.

Are you laughing now? I’m covered in pie and paint and raging mad but too dizzy to think straight. I call the emergency hotline (Elora’s mobile) and beg her to save my sanity before I buy a one way ticket out of here. Oh, by the way, midday all the shops are closed in Italy remember? Elora saves the day…Brico io is open all day and the 20 minute drive may just calm my nerves down…I hope so because an angry, pie smelling Canadian with paint spatters on her face could be a tough one to sort out in a traffic jam! Stay tuned for the results…


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Pie and paint

  1. major2007 says:

    Well at least it sounds like the pie turned out all right and actually sounds tasty. Good luck getting the room painted.

  2. Chrissandra says:

    Dying to hear what’s next…! Happy Thanksgiving to you & Elora!

  3. Elora says:

    Thanks Chris – the pie was fine, and Leah “appeared” sane – but she should be the one to tell the rest!!

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