Spumante greetings

My attempts at a social life here in Genova have been pretty lame. It’s not that I’m antisocial or anything it’s just that I am a bit lazy when it comes to meeting new people. I have certainly made some new friends here and actually my blog has been more responsible than any other method.

After receiving multiple Facebook invitations from some guy I don’t even know I finally decided to take part in the local “English aperitvo” in the historical centre of Genova. What caught my attention was that the meet up was being held at the “Crooner Swing Club Italiano”, which basically meant live jazz music! I also noticed that my only Italian, single male friend also accepted the invitation so I rang him up and asked if I could accompany him so as not to be walking into the bar alone.

As usual we arrived late, partially my fault because I first went to an art exhibit to support a new friend whose daughter is just starting out. The bar was just around the corner but I was kept waiting by my male friend. Finally, after the appropriate hello’s and goodbyes and all that confusing handshaking and kissing of cheeks (I think I’m a closet germaphobe) we were on our way.

We arrived at the door and half of the group (all men barely pushing 30), were off to watch an English movie. Crap, we arrived too late, is there anyone still inside? Yes to that too. Half the group stayed on to finish their drinks. As soon as I walked in I felt at home, the red table cloths, the black walls and wooden stage and a live piano player. This is my kind of scene. I glanced over at the people who were part of this “club” and decided (after a couple Spumantes at the art gallery) to just give a friendly hello and introduce myself around the table. Seems my bubbly state and mega-watt smile was a bit too much for this crowd.

They didn’t bother to offer us to join them and one guy was already asking me if I taught English and could he have my phone number! Wow! Can I order a drink first? Can I sit down and munch on some peanuts? I know we arrived a bit late but it really caught me a bit off guard when the first thing anyone asked me was for my phone number. Then the same guy asked my friend if he could turn the piano guy down. Are you kidding me? You’re sitting in a ‘PIANO BAR” right next to the piano! If it’s too loud for you then move your dumb ass away from the stage idiot!

We decided to get our own table and ordered some wine. After the pianist finished a song I was the ONLY ONE CLAPPING. Why the hell would these people decide to go to a bar with live music if they seemingly aren’t interested in listening to it? Or dancing to it? What’s wrong with these people???

No sooner did our wine arrive and the gang all got up at once to leave. Okay, well bye, it was nice to er, ummm, meet you? Oh wait, another skinny 20-year-old guy stops at our table on his way out and asks me for my email address! I wanted to ask him why but then I figured oh who cares, that’s why Facebook lets you choose “Block this person”. Obviously walking into a bar with a man AND wearing wedding rings means nothing to these people…First: get girls phone number; Second: get lights punched; out Third: ask questions.

Do I teach English, yes I do! First lesson is sponsored by Miss Manners. So if any of you guys ever try to harass me about my anti-social hermit status I welcome you to come out with me because it seems that I am a magnet for Genova weirdos and all I really wanted to do was make some new friends and listen to some great jazz, sigh : (

And to add insult to injury my “date” was hungry so he drank the rest of my wine (apparently I wasn’t drinking fast enough) and insisted we go get food. Bless his heart, he escorts my sorry ass to these places but the last thing I wanted was another plate of pasta while sitting on some cold metal chair in some dark Piazza. Tired, and bloated with penne my mega-watt Spumante induced bubble just wanted to go home to my warm bed.

Thanks for trying anyways C  but I miss my drinking buddy Geoff in Toronto, if he was there we would have been dancing and singing jazz tunes all night long! Pasta, who needs pasta we’ve got mint leaves in our Mojito’s that will do just fine : )


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5 Responses to Spumante greetings

  1. major2007 says:

    I have a large Labrador for rent, he may never hurt them but he is intimidating. I don’t understand the hitting upon a smart, beautiful and well spoken woman. Do they have no manners anymore?

  2. Well I will take smart part but beautiful coming from a guy with a guide dog may be stretching the imagination a tad don’t you think? haha
    But if Major lived closer I would for sure borrow him!

    • major2007 says:

      You just have to remember the understandings of a blind man and how we learn things, beside I had help in how you were described to me on the ship as being tall like me, very beautiful, blonde hair and parts all in the right places, and if we were closer; I would gladly loan Major out to you and think he would have a blast protecting you.

  3. Enrico says:

    I know what you mean… i am still adjusting too and i was born here!!!
    I was in Genova last weekend and after missing for 5 month i did not have the time to meet up with you and Elora…. i swear i don’t care if you teach!!! LOL

  4. Geoff says:

    Too bad about the lack of excitement, Leah, but thanks for remembering. 🙂 We would definitely show everyone how to have a great time! This makes me want to stop your place in Italy next time I’m in Europe. There has to be some great places that are just waiting to be found by us.

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