Sleep my ugly witch, Sleep!

As I whizz past a mirror I am suddenly reminded of that witch from Halloween cartoons only I’m the blonde version. Last night I had a quick shower but neglected to run a brush through my hair before going to bed and now the results are quite humorous. Living alone after all has its perks! I’m back in the country house for a few days chasing dustballs by the dozen.

I spent hours trying to sleep and finally at 3:45 a.m. I took another half sleeping pill. I haven’t decided if I am more stressed about not sleeping or about having to take a pill to sleep! This morning at 10 a.m. I walked straight into a wall and now there is a huge welt on my forehead. Yep, you read correctly, I walked directly into a wall!

I can laugh about it now but this is really getting a bit absurd. If I don’t take anything I don’t sleep at all, if I take a quarter of a pill, I don’t sleep, if I take half, I sleep. I dare to wonder what a whole pill would do to me. Mama takes 2 of these puppies every night…is that what I’m aiming for? I mean if I am already walking into walls what’s next? Tossing plates off the balcony on New Year’s eve? (Mama circa 2006­)


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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4 Responses to Sleep my ugly witch, Sleep!

  1. major2007 says:

    I am sitting here laughing because I thought I was the only one that did stupid stuff like that, hop your day gets better.

  2. sabina says:

    At least you walked into the wall…and not outside the window!
    E’ già qualcosa 😉

  3. major2007 says:

    Unfortunately I still run into things and I know where they are or at least are supposed to be.

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