My friend’s rock!

Okay Leah, what’s the bone for?

Well I am proud and happy to say that my friend Lin’s charity drive is making some headway…look at that bone! So far he has $340.00 of his $3,500 goal. I was so excited when I saw some colour start to fill up that little bone cartoon on his sponsor page : ) Let’s keep it coming because every week I pledge to do a “bone report”. haha, that sounds funny.

By the way, my sister-in-law’s dog is still here and I think he is now in love with me! How the heck did that happen??? He has been “under foot” all day and even though he is a slight pain in the neck I can’t help but love him back. I think he is missing his mom and with Mama’s TV at an unbelievable decibel it’s no wonder the pup wants to camp out with me in the quiet corners of my space.


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to My friend’s rock!

  1. major2007 says:

    Leah, you are such a great friend. I am so proud of what has been donated so far. We have come a long way and have a long way to go still. Please everyone keep it up so I can name a puppy in Sue’s memory.
    I am so grateful to Leah for posting updates every week.

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