Driver’s Ed…

First of all let me just point out that I have been driving a car for more than 25 years and that 5 of those years have been here in Italy. In order to get my Italian permit I must fork over a large sum of Euros to take theory lessons in a language I barely understand. But it gets better! The class is full of smartass 16 year olds and I am their clown jester of choice!

I arrived late today, which was most Italian of me and unfortunate because I got stuck at the back of the class. You see today I finally was able to take a nap! YES, sleep, much-needed sleep! The problem was that this nap made me late for school. Oh well, I won’t understand much so how much could I have missed?

Then I saw a tiny TV screen perched above the teacher’s head with drawings and words the size of a tiny mouse. Can these kids read that from back here? Geez, I even sported my 20-year-old Harry Potter glasses (no time for contact lenses) and I’m squinting like an 80-year-old trying to read a bus schedule while facing into the direct sun!

This is hopeless because what words I can decipher are still a riddle to me when it becomes a true or false option. Are they trying to trick me? Dammit, now I have this fancy gizmo that I am expected to press the answers into and I am still on number 1 of 3…hmmm, I start to randomly guess, what the hell!

Looks like I am going to have to get back on track with this studying business pronto otherwise I will fail the exam and lose all that money. My question is, why do they offer the exam in English but not teach it in English too? Now I am more confused than ever.

Maybe I can teach the new cat to drive…she’s young and Italian, why the hell not?


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2 Responses to Driver’s Ed…

  1. sabina says:

    “I’m squinting like an 80-year-old trying to read a bus schedule while facing into the direct sun!” ..Ah, ah, great, Leah ! :-)!
    Do you think it’s permitted to come over there to see a lesson, or I’d better say…to see you sitting among all those teenagers?!

  2. major2007 says:

    Now you are makign me fel really old and I am only four years older than you are so can really relate, hope you make it through it.

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