Burnt espresso

As usual I found myself stumbling into the kitchen after another sleepless night only to find Mama’s coffee burning on the stove. If I had a Euro for every burnt offering of Mama’s I could retire happily. I could hear her blah blah blahing on the phone and wondered if this habit of hers is how she developed a taste for burnt cold coffee because thirty minutes later she sauntered into the kitchen to drink it…can I get a collective Yuk!

I often wonder what our lives together must look like from the outside viewer and I can’t help but conjure up old episodes of Abbot and Costello. This morning I paid her back the money I borrowed for the veterinary bill and the conversation went something like this:


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4 Responses to Burnt espresso

  1. Sarah Fontó says:

    I’m thinking about buying one of those electric ones. I’ve lost count of how many coffee pots I’ve melted the handle off, fried the inner rubber rings or turned into little blackened sad gnomes looking all sorry for themselves with dead coffee stuck to the hob like some kind of black volcanic ash.

    I want one that turns itself off because due to age I keep wandering around the house wondering what I was looking for in the first place and coming back to kitchen mayhem.

  2. major2007 says:

    It’s a shame you cannot film some of this stuff and send it to America’s Funniest Videos, I am sure that you would win the grand pirze, thank goodness for drip coffee makers that turn themselves off after a couple of hours.

  3. major2007 says:

    I think that would make a great Christmas present for her and am sure she would or maybe even you would appreciate it better.

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