One pill makes you larger and…

…one pill makes you small. Has anyone else read Alice in Wonderland? There is a famous song by Grace Slick in the 60’s where she sings about the drugs Alice takes to make her large or small. I just took half of one of Mama’s sleeping pills last night and now I am starting to clearly understand why she is as nutty as she is!

Thankfully I slept straight through the night but this morning I woke up and stumbled into walls on the way to the bathroom. This is good stuff! But as much as I whine about not sleeping properly I really do prefer to try things the natural way and am shameful that I succumbed to her pill popping pressure.

Which brings me to my next question which is why does she take one of these things every night? It’s scary really and I hope I never reach that point in my life that I am so sleep deprived that I become addicted to sleeping pills. I’ve also observed over the last few years the significant differences and attitudes about health care. For example, here in Italy if you want to buy new contact lenses no prescription is required, just bring in the old box. Also, if you need an antibiotic just tell the pharmacist what it’s for (ahem, this may be embarrassing for some but I’d have to do a separate survey on how that’s handled) and the pharmacist doles out the right kind.

But it seems to me that these pharmaceutical giants are really directing our health care programs so that we become reliant on their magic potions and pills to the point of forgetting what the original ailment was. While recently in the U.S. I saw posters in supermarkets and ads on TV for flu shots! Does this mean that while I’m picking up a loaf of bread I can also get a needle from the check out clerk to prevent this years strain of flu? Scary or practical? I can't take credit for this artwork. Please check out the following link for proper credit:

I used to think that Italian’s were more liberal about doling out medicine without prescriptions but now that I see the American chain store Target offering a $14.99 special for flu shots on Nation TV I have to wonder who’s really in charge? It makes me so happy that I can contribute to the economy and Target’s revenue centre by getting a flu shot…NOT!

My sister and brother-in-law are both health professionals…so tell me oh wise ones, what do you think of all of this?


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2 Responses to One pill makes you larger and…

  1. Shelley says:

    No flu shot for us!!!! Although the Canadian Health Care system “insists” that we get the flu shot annually, I personally have yet to succumb! How can we fight the common cold if we are innoculated against it. That is why there are new strains of flu virus’ every year. We are healthy, not immunocompromised and get exposed to nasty shit every day! We have yet to get the “flu”!!!
    And that my lovely sister is my take on the matter!!!!!

  2. Susan says:

    My MIL (who is a widowed housewife, has no pets and no friends – wonder why?) takes half a Tavor (or Tavoral, some psicofarmaco anyway) to sleep. Like, you live ALONE lady? You don’t go to work, you don’t have to DO anything and you’re over 75, sleep patterns change. Why take psichofarmaci just to sleep if you don’t have to GET UP for some specific reason? Party all night and sleep all day if you can, what the hay.
    What did your MIL give you?

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