Mama’s stash

After much consideration over my future living arrangements I find myself yet again Mama’s humble roommate. As I’m sure you must realize this decision was not taken lightly however it still makes the most sense (provided I can maintain my sanity for another year). Besides I really didn’t want to have to change the name of my blog.

You see although I considered other alternatives like leaving Italy and going back to Canada or staying in Italy and teaching more to spend that extra money on a cute apartment downtown sans Mama, the fact of the matter is that when my husband does come home from the ship I would not get any quality time with him because I would always be working and he would always be over at Mama’s enjoying home cooked meals!

And what woman really wants to say bye-bye to quality time with her husband, shopping sprees at American outlet malls, mini vacations at Lago Maggiore and month long vacations on a cruise ship? So go ahead, do the math! (Btw, I am not bragging, I pay my dues living with Mama remember?)

Upon my arrival Sunday I noticed as usual that some furniture had been rearranged but I have grown to expect that now. I can’t wait for my husband to arrive in December and watch him curse and swear when he can’t open the apartment door all the way because she has placed an enormous wooden trunk behind it. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be her husband! Who she gets to move all this heavy furniture around is anyone’s guess.

But honestly, it’s really not so bad (remind me that I wrote this a few months from now). She has taken very good care of my cat and tonight she has shared her private stash of sleeping pills with me so maybe, just maybe, I can kick jet lag to the curb tomorrow. Oh wait maybe this whole Pollyanna post is because I’ve already taken the pill and have reached a pill induced happy place…hmmmm, can I have some more please?

So fear not…Mama is still very much a big part of my life and therefore a big part of this blog. How else would I know that the gas stations are on strike this week? See I need her because she keeps me informed and gives the perfect excuse to buy Gucci shoes : )   (FACT: in my dreams and on my Christmas wishlist anyways)


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to Mama’s stash

  1. Kirsten says:

    No way would I be in your Guccis! One night at my italian mother in law’s is more than enough. 😉

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