Earl? Fiona? Gaston?

I think these guys at the Hurricane centre have been watching too many Shrek movies and Disney cartoons. Where the heck are these names coming from???

Since the wee morning hours the ship has been rolling around the sea like a cat toy on a linoleum floor. We’re zipping or should I say swishing past Hurricane Earl again only this time instead of outrunning it we are heading towards it. Well not towards it per say because Earl is some 500 miles East of us but we are heading South and Earl is heading North. The child in me wants to press my nose up against the glass window and do one of those nah, nah, nah, nah nah sounds with my tongue sticking out and my thumbs in my ears. This bully Earl has now occupied several of my days and well it’s time to fight back damn it. But the real key here is to not drink too much orange juice for breakfast because it will start to imitate the sea in my stomach and decide to evacuate its premises. FYI: not part of today’s agenda.

Going back a few days I wrote a two page rant about my experiences at the Nassau internet café but since there is a category four hurricane still lolling about I thought it would seem a bit self-indulgent and silly to post it. But then again, what better time to be silly when mother nature is fooling around? I mean it’s not like we can tell her “hey, you up there, knock it off I’m on a cruise!”

So, which topic would you like to hear about? The six toed cats in Key West or those sexy officer uniforms with gold stripes? Sorry dad, I guess I have more female readers to please…

The Captain here is a school chum of my husband. He is shy and sweet and cute. Side by side with my husband I think if I was a passenger I would be secretly stalking them on Promenade every night, which brings me to fun on formal nights. I get to play “dress up” and actually follow them around Promenade as they are required to parade up and down greeting guests and making everybody happy. This can be kind of fun but also a bit unnerving when I see other women mentally undressing my husband. Take the uniform off and he’s just another hairy Italian guy trust me.

But stripes and stuff aside, I know the Captain’s wife and kids and he is truly a nice man. He is sweet and kind and I am happy that my husband has someone to work with that is as easygoing as he is. At least after I leave he will have someone to hang out with on Promenade to help fight off all those women cruising, after all there’s strengths in numbers right?

And so not to disappoint my dad, stay tuned for the next post on Hemingway’s six toed cats…


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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