Good excuse for random thoughts

Okay, before my dad starts emailing me again about my inconsistent blog posts I thought I better post something.

So here goes, some of my silly random thoughts…

  • Did you know that Italian’s punch a small hole in a cat’s ear to indicate that it has been neutered? I thought my cat used to belong to some tattooed, pierced street kid that thought it would be funny to pierce the cats ear!
  • Why do they bother painting lines on the road in Italy? Do I really need to explain this one?
  • Why do Italians think it’s odd to drink cappuccino in the afternoon? Is this their only way of making fun of us cappuccino crazed tourists?
  • Why do Americans put a lot of ice in everything and then set the air conditioning to arctic?
  • How is it possible to smoke a cigarette, talk on the phone and drive a scooter simultaneously? Just ask an Italian!
  • If you suck a live bug into the vacuum can it crawl back out?
  • Why is it that every time my cat enters the litter box I expect to see elaborately built sand castles when she hops out instead of just poop?
  • Why do the female Police in Italy get away with wearing earrings the size of donuts and high-heeled sandals while my sister-in-law in Canada has to shellac her hair to her head every morning? Are the Italian female versions not expected to actually chase or arrest criminals too? Hmmm, I wonder if they are also paid less too?
  • Why is it possible in Italy to write the driver’s exam in English but not take the course in English? Guess I’ll be figuring that one out pretty soon!

Okay, well I’m tired and need to pack for my phantom vacation…I say this only because I am theoretically supposed to be leaving this Sunday but I technically don’t have a plane ticket yet! Minor detail, right? Stay tuned…


About lmarmstrong66

I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Good excuse for random thoughts

  1. sharon bellows says:

    As your sister-in-law in question,,,, no way would I wear high heals or hoop earrings to work…. too scary!! My luck I would get my earring caught in the radio or something silly like that… and a high heel is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.. 😉

  2. Rose says:

    Well put it Leah! Love your posts!

    Big hug and amazing holidays to you!
    Let me know when you are back!


  3. Linda says:

    i loved that. so cute and now i know that i am not the only person with such random thoughts.

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