How will I ever manage?

I swear to God there are days that I wake up and feel like Eva Gabor reincarnated and acting in a very bad episode of Green Acres. Or were they all bad and I just have a selective memory? “Dahling, my sapphires don’t match the colour of these coveralls!” I’m kidding of course because my coveralls are blue and I don’t own any sapphires…yet.

Today I opened a window to find not one but eight termite nests…can I get a collective “EEEWWW”. Not sure if that was what they were but I think so. I wanted to actually barf but I kept my cookies in long enough to get the vacuum and suck them all up. Not sure if that was the best idea though because now I am worried that some of them were still in tact and may just hatch inside the vacuum. Is there no end to bugs in this country?

I just spent four nights in the city and as soon as I returned to the house here on the hill Rocky was there to greet me…or I should say meow very loudly until he got a cuddle, fresh water and some food. As I have stated previously, this black cat has strung his panther paw around my heartstrings and pulled tight. Yesterday I actually spent a small fortune on an automatic feeder so that while I’m gone for a month the little guy won’t starve to death. Although something tells me this little ruffian would somehow manage to find some other unsuspecting ham eating man to steal food from.

Of course the kink in my plan (and with me there is always a kink), is that this very expensive gizmo (made in China of course) came with instructions in Italian, French and German, but not English even though it’s clearly called the “Camom Big Self Food Dispenser”! Even the display screen is all in English. So now I am sitting here with the Italian instructions and a dictionary hoping for the best. I’m sure that if my husband were here right now he would be laughing at me for not studying Italian as much as I obviously should be.

So far I have managed to record my voice, a very cool feature, so that when the food dispenser drops a load my voice is heard saying “Here Rocky, come and eat, mangia, mangia”. As I am not sure which language he understands I figured it was best to throw in some Italian for good measure : )

He stared at the machine while it whirred and talked to him and when it stopped he hopped up to the dispenser and had a snack, Perfect! So far so good. Now lets hope it doesn’t attract every cat within a 20 mile radius or worse yet wild boar. Lets also hope I set the timer properly otherwise I’m likely to jump out of my skin at 3 a.m. when I hear my voice calling the cat to “mangia, mangia”.


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