Friendly Stresa

I think it’s worth mentioning here that while doing much research online I stumbled upon a website by Tomassucci Travel. The reason I mention them here is because although there were lots of agencies offering tours and tickets in Stresa, this site had a live chat option. I clicked on the button and it offered me the option to Skype with them. Within seconds my computer was beeping with texts from Luca offering to assist me with my research.

What a bonus! This guy was in Stresa and offering to answer my questions about everything and anything I wanted to know. He was not pushy and we didn’t bother with the video, we just typed live and I got instant information on rental bikes, ferries and restaurants in the area. His office was conveniently located around the corner from our rental apartment so it only made sense to buy our tour tickets there.

Upon arrival we popped into their office and spoke with someone about the various tour options available. We lazily slept late our first day in Stresa and then strolled over to their office and purchased a tour that combined ferry tickets to all three Borremeo islands with entrances to the Villas and gardens as well. The best part was we were not hoarded in with other tourists or expected to follow a precise schedule. Armed with the ferry schedule we were all set to create our own pace of exploration.

When we returned home I was able to send Luca a big thank you for all his assistance and he was happy to answer my never ending questions about things we saw while we were there. He has lived in Stresa for over 30 years and it’s obvious that he loves it there.

Ironically, when I told him about being in the broken down cable car, he laughed because he was the one who wrote the article about it in the local newspaper. It’s a small world after all!

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