Erbe woes

You have never seen a long face until you have witnessed my husband with a broken grass cutter machine (they’re not called lawn mowers because we don’t really have a normal lawn, just many terraces). If I didn’t know better I would think he was obsessed with cutting the grass…wait a minute, in fact he is! I suppose I could have ended up with a womanizing party guy husband but instead I ended up with a strange mix of Elmer Fudd and Tim the tool man Taylor.

Yesterday morning he was all decked out in his fancy blue coveralls ready to cut the grass when for some strange reason the machine wouldn’t start. At the repair shop he was even more disappointed when the repair guy said they needed to keep the machine for 2 weeks in order to fix it. The lost expression on my husband’s face was so pathetic he was seriously considering buying a new machine.

Although I was secretly happy that he would have more free time for me I also worried that he would be continuously under foot for a loss of what to do with himself. The afternoon drifted by lazily enough but I could see that if more than a few days passed without getting to the task his blood pressure would be through the roof by week’s end.

You see, it takes several days to cut our grass and in this summer heat you can’t go at it all day or you will for sure pass out. That makes from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 the best time of day, the rest is just lost to long lunches, siestas and a book under a shady tree. As the evening approached he asked me to search online for a new machine when his mobile rang. Good News! The repair guy was able to fix it that same day and we could pick it up now if we wanted. Alleluia!

We did the calculation and to have someone else cut the grass for us would cost the same as buying a new machine. Ridiculous but true! (Although, perhaps he also doesn’t want some young, tanned 20 something guy cutting the grass while I’m home alone either haha) With my husband home only another 3 weeks every day is valuable time and as we all know time is money, even if this is supposed to be his vacation from the ship.

Everyone that has seen our house marvels at the view and how great the place is but we are not rich and although this place is situated in a very, ahem, nice neighbourhood, unlike our wealthy neighbours, we don’t have 15 gardeners to make the property livable let alone beautiful. I’m just happy for cut grass so that I don’t have to jump out of my skin every time I hang laundry on the line. I’ve already spotted 2 shed snake skins near the clothesline and don’t really want to catch up to the owners!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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