Boring is underrated

Happier days

If my life was boring I suppose I wouldn’t be blogging, or maybe I would still be blogging and nobody would be reading it? Anyways, as life would have it, apparently boring is not my style. And believe me when I say this, a bit of boring is not such a bad thing. In fact, if I ever complain about being bored give me a swift kick in the deriere would ya.

I have not found Mama bat…probably she is snoozing in the kitchen behind the cupboards for the day and frankly she can just stay there! Last night I barely slept. I don’t know perhaps because the kitchen door was wide open I was a bit nervous. I got out of bed several times to check on things and at one point I found the farmer’s cat in the kitchen searching for food…I wonder if he likes the taste of bat?

At about 4 a.m. I closed the kitchen door and decided enough was enough. I didn’t want the boar to wander into the house too because well, do I really need to explain why? When I woke up this morning I went outside to see if the baby bats were where I left them but they were long gone. For sure a tasty meal for some night crawler bigger than them. They really didn’t stand a chance which is why perhaps the Mama decided to birth them on our couch. Maybe I should have just left them where they were? I mean I hardly ever sit on that couch anyways.

Starving (remember bat in kitchen = diet for Leah), I started back for the house. But as I trotted past my beloved orto I discovered another gruesome scene. My precious zucchini plants were leveled by the boar! Is this really happening or is it just one long nightmare that I will wake up from in a day or two? I know I should be grateful for the fact that the beans and tomatoes were left untouched but I’m the one who tried to save the baby bats. Can’t mother nature cut me a bit of slack already?

Almost in tears I choked back my disappointment and went inside to check my email. Another bad move of course because my husband emailed to say his ship is delayed docking in Texas because of bad weather and he will not be home tomorrow. Why does this not surprise me in the slightest?

It’s a good thing I still have my sense of humour right? Or have I really just gone mad and no one wants to tell me?


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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7 Responses to Boring is underrated

  1. tempusflits says:

    Does your county have an animal control officer? (In past lives, known as “dog catchers.”) If so, they exist to help with controling wild and unwelcome creatures. Bats and wild boars are not the kinds of things you should have to deal with on your own.

    If you don’t know if there is a local animal control officer in your county, I’d suggest calling your local sheriff’s department, non-emergency number, and asking them if your county has one.

    Best of luck to you. No one deserves this. I hope there’s someone there who can help you.

    • Thx for the tips. Certainly a consideration although I somehow doubt such an operation exists here in Italy. Otherwise all the farmers here would not be cursing the boar like me. As for the bat, a local neighbour would be a better solution if I spoke better Italian! I liked your blog by the way : )

  2. eloradaphne says:

    Poor Leah, I was hoping she would have left by now….maybe if you leave a window open she’ll leave by herself? Don’t be afraid to go into the kitchen she won’t do anything during the daytime anyway!

  3. Enrico says:

    A boar is very good for sauce and salame, maybe a nice gun would do it!!! i was told that the boar overpopulation allowed to kill them without too many restrictions…
    Probably the bat is gone by now, don’t worry!! i am sure your italian is good enought to ask for help, as backup, use your hands!!! they will understand for sure…

  4. Miriam says:

    I love the title of this post! Boring is underrated!
    I have been living in Milan for nearly 5 years and now it looks as though my husband and I , and my 13 weeks along belly bump will be moving to Lugano.
    I’d love hear more about living there and have any advice you might have for our move.
    So nice to read your stories šŸ™‚

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