Baby bats, bees…did I miss anyone?

Okay, where do I start? My God it has been one heck of a day!

I’m a bit freaked out at the moment and I have very good reason but I’ll get to that in a moment. I just got back from a very strange day in the city and that’s only the beginning. I finally got my sorry, itchy self over to IKEA for that much-needed mosquito net only to find myself walking out 66 Euro poorer and still no net! Luckily I managed to go into another shop called Castorama and indeed found what I was looking for. Now I just have to figure out how to rig it to the crystal chandelier without crashing the thing down.

Considering the rest of my day though I’m not sure I want to attempt to do anything but sit very still under the bed sheets tonight. As we headed homebound my sister-in-law decided to hop on the Autostrada (highway). She’s a bit of a slam on the brakes kinda gal so I was actually happy for the choice of road she took. But not 5 minutes in the car I heard something equivalent to a rock ricochet off a truck and land through the crack of my open window and land on my lap!

“What the hell was that?” As my luck would have it we just, at that precise moment, entered one of Genoa’s many tunnels. “Damn, I can’t see what the hell it is except that it’s on my lap”. As we emerged back into daylight I was frozen with fear staring at a very large black bee, half knocked out of it’s wits but still very much alive and moving on my lap. My sister-in-law asked me if I wanted her to pull over and I was stuck trying to calculate which choice was more dangerous? Her pulling over to the narrow shoulder of the Autostrada or this very pissed off bee deciding to suddenly fly around in the car?

With my heart pounding in my throat she managed to pull to the side and help me open my car door. With one swift movement I was able to shake the intruder off of me and slam the door on him. Wow, that was intense!

But like I said, that was just the beginning. After one night in the city I managed to return to the country tonight before it got dark out. I was keen to get my new mosquito net up but first I needed to eat something and check my email. That’s when the real fun began!

As the house was a bit stuffy, I went around opening all the windows a crack to let some fresh air in, it was still daylight so I didn’t foresee any problems. As I sat with my yogurt and checked my emails in the large sitting room I noticed something black swoop by my peripheral vision. Hmmm, that was a very large june bug. But then just as I turned around it swooped by me again and looked very much like a black bird. Oh God! It’s a BAT!

As I frantically ran to open all the windows full, hoping it would fly out of the house, the damned thing was swooping in my direction. Jesus, can my day get any more bizarre? Well apparently yes, it can. After the last window was opened I lost sight of the bat. For all I know it could be upstairs in my bedroom right now and I think it safely flew out the window.

But, here’s the real kicker. After I caught my breath and started inspecting the room to make sure it was gone I noticed a small moving blob on the couch. Again, what the hell is that? As I got closer I could see tiny feet moving, but still could not make out what it was. Then I saw 2 heads, and tiny wings. It was 2 baby bats. Their eyes were not even opened yet. How did they end up on my couch? Did she drop them when she was flying around the sitting room freaking me out? How long had they been there? I was only gone 1 night.

As usual, I forgot my camera and was unable to get a very decent photo of them with my phone. I managed to scoop them up and put them outside but felt a bit guilty for abandoning the little guys. They were very cute and I hope they survive. FYI – bats eat mosquitoes : )

CRAP! I just went into the kitchen, Mama bat is still in the house…now what??? I’m starving and I’ve now got the light off and the kitchen door wide open. With my luck the boar will also come in the house and I will then be stuck with 2 problems. Will this day ever end?

Excuse me, I think I have some unfinished business to take care of. Where’s the broom?

Just another lovely day in the countryside…and how was your day?


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5 Responses to Baby bats, bees…did I miss anyone?

  1. Kat says:

    Wow! A crazy day indeed. Seems like all the animals are gathering around you one way or another. It is like a dream in a way! At least none of them – well except those pesky mosquitoes – have harmed you. Hopefully it stays that way! By the way, Martin bought some stuff when we were over there which was a spray I think and it kept the mosquitoes away. It smelled kind of chemically but was all natural, made with various essential oils and stuff. I’ll ask him where he got it if you like, or you could check at one of the many pharmacies for it.

  2. Ha! Yeah like Snow White…didn’t all the animals come to her when she sang? Now I just need me a couple of dwarfs and I’m all set ; )

    I did finally find an organic repellent for babies made by VAPE. It seems to work and I can also put it on my face. Thx though…

  3. Linda says:

    oh yeah i feel your pain. we had a huge bat problem one time. and once i almost grabbed what i thought was a blob of leaves on the bottom of a chair, NOT! it was a bat. then there was the baby one that crawled out from under the washing machine crying. almost made me cry. then i woke up to find one flying around my daughters room. she was hiding under the covers screaming. there are more bat stories but i will spare you.

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