Bridal Photography

Occasionally I will post something about a place I’ve been to or an artist I’ve come across. I love to promote people who have either inspired me or impressed me with their God-given talents.

During my friend Elora’s wedding things were a bit hectic for me. I had summer camp which involved lots of energy and preparation and also my allergies were out of control. As I suffered through sleepless nights sneezing I often found myself waking up to rain and another sinus migraine. If I took too many pills the migraine’s only got worse instead of better.

Sadly, I even found myself begging off early at Elora’s stagette party. But, I digress. There were many friend’s and family members here for Elora’s wedding and I only had a few opportunities to get to know them all. It was great to have a new gaggle of girls to hang out with for a short time and my only regret is that I was not 100% myself because of lousy timing and terrible allergies.

But, I did briefly meet friend and photographer Katherine Phillips. We didn’t speak much to each other while she was here but after becoming Facebook friend’s I regret that we didn’t make more of an effort to chat (anyone that lists the Alchemist as one of their favourite books is someone I want to meet).

I’m still unable to pinpoint this mysterious woman because she lives in Aberystwyth, Wales, went to University in Cardiff, UK, and B.C., Canada and grade school in Tehran! Whew! But what has caught my attention is her natural talent as a photographer. I’ve known many and with my own experience in advertising I know how difficult it can be to shoot people. Katherine’s shots of Elora’s wedding are fantastic. She has captured some great moments that appear to be spontaneous and her angles and keen eye for composition seem to come natural to her.

I guess if you are a bride to be and live in Aberystwyth, Wales then you may want to seek Katherine out for your photographs. I’m not sure if she is available for hire but I encourage you to visit her photoblog anyways.


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4 Responses to Bridal Photography

  1. Elora says:

    I told you kat was the best 🙂

  2. Kat says:

    You guys are the best! Thanks for the sweetest post ever Leah! Was so great to meet you and hopefully we’ll be back before too long 🙂 I’m really flattered by this and it has made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and really boosted my confidence about picture taking!

    And Elora, thanks for forcing me to do your pictures in spite of my complete terror! Everyone thinks your wedding looks so idyllic and beautiful, it really was lovely and so glad I got to share that. Doing the pictures was fun in spite of the stress and it has renewed my passion for photography 🙂

    Loves to you both!

  3. Sharita says:

    Nice your blog. Love the way you write.

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