Kids Camp and Mama

This post is for my dad…he actually emailed me yesterday giving me proper #*** for not blogging much lately, haha.

Where does the time go? I’ve finally wrapped up 2 weeks of summer camp and all I can say is thank God I was bumped from the third week with them in the country! I’m utterly exhausted. I had 10 kids between the ages of 6-11 the first week and then 6 kids who repeated the second week. This posed a bit of a problem because I was unable to repeat the crafts in the second week because they already did them.

By the end of the second week they were all far too familiar with each other and by Friday they just wore me down to the bone. I can’t say it wasn’t a bit of fun too, but it certainly gives me a new respect for mom’s in summertime! My final day at school involved quite a bit of clean-up and as I ventured outside in the midday sun to catch a bus I was faced with yet another bus strike. Bound and determined not to spend an hours wages on a taxi I walked to the train station.

The hike from the train station to my house is another half hour trek, all uphill of course. The day before I got a bit of a sunburn so of course I found myself scorching my sunburn as a hauled my heavy backpack up the road. My stubborn streak fully intact as I sweat and grunted my way home in the blazing sun. So now, I’m back at the house in the country for some much-needed rest and a break from Mama.

It’s no wonder that I’m exhausted, every other day I was making trips to the supermarket to feed Mama. I would shop and she would eat. She’d go on her usual midnight eating frenzies and I would wake up the next day to a hurricane of half-opened packages and mysterious dried sauce on the counter tops and floor in the kitchen. I don’t mind shopping for two but I don’t think it ever occurred to her that I might want to eat something too. Suffice to say that I ate a lot of take out pizza’s in these past few weeks.

It’s a bit of a jungle at the moment here in the country too. The grass is as high as my thigh and lizards are running amuck in the house. I’ve spotted at least 3 camping out in the bedroom window on the inside of our one and only screen. If I leave the window open tonight I will get a fresh breeze and an unwelcome guest in the bed with me for sure. I can’t wait for my husband to come home next week so he can cut the grass.

Speaking of which, I just got an email from him saying he may be delayed because Tropical Storm Alex is in the area of his ship…I replied stating that Hurricane Leah would be a lot worse should that happen.


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