Mama, where are the strawberries?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about Mama and that’s because for the last few months I’ve had the blissful existence in the country without her. But now that my work schedule has picked up again with summer camp I am back in the city for the next two weeks.

I will first point out that I am PMS’ing and so maybe that is the cause of my cranky disposition, however I will continue typing nonetheless…

First of all I have to wonder if “Miss Manners” ever made it across the pond to Europe or if she just skipped past Italy because she figured it was a hopeless cause. It could be perhaps a generational thing, but I beg to differ here. I will quote myself from a previous post about Mama, which said, “if it’s not nailed down she will either move it or eat it!”

For the last few weeks I have been bouncing back and forth from the city to the country. This entails lots of trips to the supermarket because I am shopping for two homes. If something is perishable I bring it back to the city so that it is not wasted. However, on these many journeys to the supermarket I always ask Mama if she needs anything. Most often she says no, but occasionally she will request something.

I certainly don’t mind shopping for her too but she doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that I have shopped for two. For example, I bought lots of strawberries, cleaned and cut them and put them into a bowl in the fridge. The next day the bowl disappeared only to turn up later under her bed and empty of course. Could it be that she has lived alone for so many years that it doesn’t occur to her to put a few strawberries in a bowl and leave the rest for someone else I wonder?

Yesterday I decided to buy some fresh bread and ham. I even asked her if she wanted any and she declined. I thought I would make myself a sandwich the next morning to bring to school. But this morning the bread was all gone – 1.5 loaves-and the ham was half gone too. So I found myself with no bread to put the remaining ham on and besides which it was left uncovered in the fridge and had already started to dry out.

This of course is another one of my main pet peeves about Mama. She opens packages like bread and meat and never, ever wraps it back up! I come home to stale bread and cheese that has gotten all dry and crusty all the time! Is Suranwrap so expensive here or does she figure why bother because she will finish it later anyways?

Perhaps my mom was too strict with me because I am still amazed when I learn how other people behave. I wouldn’t feel right putting signs on food in the fridge saying please don’t touch but I’m also not opposed to buying more if more is needed. Now, I am faced with another trip to the supermarket for more bread because corner stores are not very common here. I’m sure that the guy at the supermarket must wonder how I can manage to be in there every other day and still leave with a full basket!


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4 Responses to Mama, where are the strawberries?

  1. Elisa says:

    You have perfect timing – I bumped into Elorah on the bus today and was just bemoaning the lack of Mama-related posts lately!

  2. Ah yes, Mama truly is my muse…no doubt about it! It’s hard to be inspired without her.
    Tonight she tried to pass off days old chicken on me, but I’ve become wise to her tricks. I saw it in the fridge and wondered how long it had been in there and she told me she thew that out and this one was a fresh one from the freezer…but I didn’t take the bait, haha. No need to add food poisoning to my suffering… I’m already PMS’ing and suffering from allergies : (

  3. Kimberly says:

    Yikes… Days old chicken?? Mama sounds like a handful.

    Love your blog..


  4. Enrico says:

    I have seen some small fridge (also portable) that you can buy at Euronics and hide it in your room!!!

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