Bits and bites

I’m one of those people who most people hate because I have been blessed with “flawless skin”. I have never had acne and a pimple is a rarity on my face. But before you start to hate me for it here are the facts: Since I was 15 years old I have suffered from psoriasis. I have to watch what I eat, take loads of vitamins, manage how much stress I expose myself to and monitor my alcohol intake. Luckily I am currently in remission but anything can trigger a relapse.

I have extremely sensitive skin and a strange fruit or perfume in a soap or body lotion can easily set off a rash. Once, at my niece’s graduation, I had hives all over my face and neck. I flew in a few days earlier and with all the liquid restrictions on airplanes I decided to just use other peoples shampoos and soaps for my short visit home. Obviously I won’t be doing that again.

So where is all this leading to you might ask? Well, like clockwork, I have a special occasion next weekend and I’ve got a very large red bite on the center of my forehead! I never go out in the sun without a hat and these damned country bugs love to get under the visor and make a meal out of my shiny wide forehead. But I’m afraid it doesn’t stop there either. Mosquito’s and spiders like to snack on me at night and now that it has become so hot, I have to either sleep with the windows open or melt.

For some reason some brainiac decided to put a screen on one bedroom window but not the other. But the only way to get a cross breeze in the bedroom is to have both windows open. Italian’s don’t seem to believe in screened windows or doors. I’m not sure exactly why that is but I must tell you that if this keeps up I may have to go to IKEA and buy myself one of those safari looking bug canopies for over the bed. No need to drill holes in the ceiling, I’ll just mount the sucker onto the crystal chandelier.

It’s actually not just the blemish that is bugging me (I may be vain but come on!) but the fact that I have many bites that were not there when I went to bed last night. What’s crawling in my bed when the lights go out? They are also incredibly itchy. Even in Canada I have never reacted so strongly to bug bites. Here’s hoping that now that I am back in the city the bites will fade and I won’t need to borrow Elora’s new cover-up make-up. No one will be looking at me anyways…she’s the bride : )


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9 Responses to Bits and bites

  1. Sarah Fontó says:

    There is a spray called “STOP – multi-insetto” from the ferramenta or similar. I was being bitten by little millipedes at night, these old house are a hotel for more than the usual bugs .

    Remove bedding, spray matters, walls and floor, leave to air. Hoover. Including mattress. I put one bottom sheet on top of another to make a double barrier between me and the bed, just cos I get the heebie geebies from the idea of a chemically treated mattress even though it is made precisely for that purpose.

    You can buy mossie window nets from Brico for about 5-10 euros, you stick them up with the velcro stuff included in the pack, so the other window can be resolved.

    I recommend the IKEA nets, getting one myself in the morning.

    There are antihistamine creams for bites, but so far nothing has worked as well for me compared to a little neat ammonia applied to the bite, but with your delicate skin not sure I would recommend that.

    How about a bag of frozen peas held over it to reduce the swelling ?

    Or Tilset (something like that) and OTC antihistamine from the pharmacist, had to use it on Son of Thor a couple of times when mossies bite him on the eye and it swelled shut.

    I’ve heard that Avon Skin So Soft is a good repellent, could your skin tolerate that to avoid the harsher stuff like “OFF!” ?

    Worst case scenario those little VAPE electric things, for a least a few hours before you go to bed and then if it disturbs you breathing unknown chemicals all night you can turn it off when you go to bed safe under your net with your newly netted pair of windows

    • Millipedes??? Sarah, you just gave me the heebie jeebies!!! GROSS!!!! I see them in the house from time to time but never in the bedroom.
      I have a thick quilt over the mattress because it was so dusty and old even after I beat it and vacuumed it. But never thought to treat it with bug stuff too. We have a VAPE plug in thingy, but I hate the smell and wake up with a headache.
      Can you buy Avon stuff in Italy? Where? Maybe I will spray the bed with that?
      Mama gave me some cream that seems to stop the itching or maybe its cuz I also took a Claritin…I take them like candy, it’s terrible, I really should go see a proper allergist but it’s so expensive. I’ve also heard the ammonia trick, my husband put it on my bites last year but I wouldn’t use it on my face. Vinegar sometimes works too.
      The problem with those velcro screens is that the window shutters would have to remain open or closed all the time otherwise it’s a hassle.
      Going to IKEA this week : )

  2. Sarah Fontó says:

    if the materess is old the def.spray it, bed bugs are not unknown quantaties and a quilt won’t stop them.

    If you are going to IKEA anyway, spray the old materess and then put one of those thin IKEA matresses on top, at least you’ll have something hygenic and fresh under you skin. they come in rolls with all the air sucked outs so we managed to shove it in the car rather than pay for transportation.

    I’ll just go see what the Avon situation is, I’m sure they have it here. Be bacm in a mo.

  3. Sarah Fontó says:

    here you go, fill that in and the nearest rep will come and drop you off a catalogue.

    their range offered for sale online is really limited so I think the rep is your best hope.

    Going to see if we have one near us cos I am one big bite tonight.

  4. Lisa says:

    I know about the window screen deficit in Italy, having packed an arsenal of probably toxic repellent wipes when traveling there, but I hate to say it to another person with fair skin –ever since I hit a certain age (somewhere in my forties) my immune system seemed to be working “over time” when it came to insect bites, winter excema and other skin irritants. The welts are bigger, itchier, last longer etc. Dry heat and northern winters don’t help. The dreaded seasonal dry skin seems to start earlier and last longer into the spring. I need 55 gal. drums of moisturizer. And I even get welts from pressure on the skin-a too tight bra, a heavy shopping bag over my wrist etc. (And a dermatologist told me to take claritin for that type of response and initially, I did.)

    I’ve used topical antihistamines, topical 1% hydrocortisone on occasion and I fuss and every once in a while amuse/annoy my husband by checking for bedbugs because SOMETHING HAS TO BE the reason behind those itchy nights. Meanwhile, he insists that stress adds to the immune response, so I need to stay calm. Drinking green tea -hot or iced- is also supposed to settle the immune system. Better make it “decaf!”

    I wish I could say it worked, but there are other forces at work here in the aging process. Hormones! Although I’ve avoided most of the pre and post menopausal symptons that plauged my friends off and on, I eventually developed bouts of “chronic hives” which my allergist thinks may be hormonally triggered. This because, there’s no pattern to them and also because 90% of the time they never determine the cause of chronic hives and I do not seem to have any other allergies. Also, it’s not uncommon for people with fair skin to have exaggerated responses to irritants when they age and my hive bouts just arrived, coincidentally, with the onset of the hormone storms. Those are treated with Zyrtec (Citirizine) in combination with Singulair (when really bad.) For maintenace, I take xyzyl- the second generation of of zyrtec- 12 hours instead of 24. (Honestly I’m not a drug expert, but when you’re itching you rely on anthing that will help!)

    So, keep calm and do all those things they tell you to do to keep your immune system strong, (but not too strong!) And while you’re at it, do all those things they tell you to do to keep those pesky pre-menopausal symptoms at bay!
    And have fun at the wedding!

  5. Lisa says:

    PS I meant that the allergic reactions and hives were treated with all those meds! Not the hormone storms! Still sane and not in need of meds for aging process….YET! 🙂

  6. Enrico says:

    My new house have a screen in every window(you are right, here they seem to be skeptic about a nice, beautiful, useful rectractable screen)!!!!! plus, a nice AC in every room that help to keep the windows closed in the summer!!! But i have to say that i never been so annoyed by mosquitoes like that time i decide to go camping in Owen Sound!!!

  7. Ah congrats on the house Enrico. Sounds like things are coming along nicely : )
    As for the mosquitoes, yes they are in fact a lot worse in Norther Canada and they hurt when they bite! Blackflies are even worse!!!
    I think here because I never really see them I don’t guard against them and then when I wake up with 4 welts on my face I think holy hell where did they come from, haha. But they don’t look like mosquito bites to me either, which has me even more concerned!!!

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