Now that the ever so romantic and poetic side of Italy has been posted it’s time for the flip side called reality. Anyone who has ever lived abroad can vouch that the world is the same everywhere you go in some aspects. However, I will take this a step further because Italy does have a unique “personality” compared to the rest of Europe.

I recently had the displeasure of going to the Italian post office. I urge all tourists to experience this task while visiting this country only to get a true Italian experience in frustration, rudeness and maddening annoyances. I had to go to the window 3 times and I still have to return again today with the same envelope to post it! Luckily I was taken pity on by a man nearby who offered to assist me with the forms (he must have overheard my English curses under my breath as I stomped away from the first window).

So if any of my readers have a romantic notion of living in Italy well, yes, it is a pretty cool place and I pinch myself sometimes because I can’t believe little old Canadian girl me actually lives here, however this dose of reality also has kicked in after being here for 2 years. I’m pretty sure if I knew the language better I would be able to fight back a bit more. However, I have already stopped people from cutting in front of me at the supermarket…so in my world this was a huge victory : )

This video demonstrates perfectly how things really work around here. It was shared with me by my Italian friend Sabina, so thanks for sharing!


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2 Responses to Reality

  1. sabina says:

    Dear Leah, I admit you were my first tought when I saw this video…expecially when it shows bureaucracy in Italy ! I find this video extremely funny, I was really laughing when I saw the poor italian pedestrian chased by the car …poveri noi!!! At least this country is not boring, for sure :-)! Hugs, Sabina

  2. CarrieLyn says:

    I saw this a few years ago, after studying here. But, now that I’ve faced the bureaucracy first hand, it’s even better!!!

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