Meet the neighbours

I’d like to introduce you to Tony. He lives near the San Sebastiano church in Portofino. He was actually born some eighty years ago in our house. Together with his wife, he lived in our house, farmed the land and raised an assortment of livestock. His wife is the one who keeps giving us those farm fresh eggs that are wrapped up in newspaper and still have the cacca on them (no idea how to spell cacca…??? but I’m sure you know what that is right?).

Every day I see Tony walking up and down the long road brandishing his walking stick or sitting in front of the church just watching everything around him. He has the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen and a smile that never stops. He is probably by far the friendliest person in the region that I have ever met. Only thing is every time I meet up with him he doesn’t exactly remember who I am. I have to go into a long drawn out explanation and I even remind him that we get eggs from his wife. Still nothing…then I tell him which house is mine and the light bulb goes on. “Oh, I was born in that house!”, he says.

I just adore him, he has a light Spirit and to me he represents everything that is special about the country side. When I asked him if I could take a photo with both of us he insisted that I sit on his lap. How could I possibly refuse? I told him I was going to email it to my husband and make him jealous : )


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19 Responses to Meet the neighbours

  1. Rosaly says:

    What a lovely post Leah! And I liked the picture lots!!!
    Big hug!


  2. sabina says:

    Really a nice story, Leah, and the photos are great…you have a warm and happy smile in that one, I like it a lot!!! Hugs, Sabina

  3. Enrico says:

    Cacca was spelled perfectly!!!!! LOL

  4. Kimberly says:

    Such a sweet post.


  5. italytutto says:

    I really enjoyed your post – so much so that I added it to my Top 10 list for the week over on


  6. Meagan says:

    This post makes me miss Sicily tremendously!! Some of my favorite memories are the people I met along the way…

    Thanks for looking in to see how we we’re doing with the new little bundle. He’s quite a handful… But I think we’re faring okay!! Hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things soon and on to new adventures!!

    Take care 😀

  7. anne says:

    Hi I just came via Italy tutto , where you and your post are in the top ten for this week .. 🙂 I love Portofino , went there back in 2008 .. when we were in Liguria for 10 days .

  8. anne says:

    sorry meant to say .. such a sweet little man .. great that you live in the house that he was born in ♥

  9. DAnielle says:

    adorable post – give tony a smooch for me 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on Help! I live with my Italian mother in law! and commented:

    Today a wonderful, sweet old man passed away. To me, Tony will always be remembered for the sparkle in his eye and his unwavering energy and kind smile.

  11. Morguie says:

    What a guy! You got to love that! Nice story.

  12. francis says:

    Love your story 🙂

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