Mojitos and boars

Yesterday, I ventured out of the house at night. This is a rare occasion because I hate driving up and down our road in the country. It’s the kind of road that is exhausting to walk and would take an hour uphill to get home. Even during daylight it’s tricky to maneuver by car and forget about leaving the car behind and taking a taxi. The taxi’s can’t come up here! At least not from what I’ve observed.

So, I went for a late night drink with a friend and of course had to limit myself to one mojito only because otherwise I would for sure be walking/stumbling home or smashing into those walls that seem to swallow up the car every time I pass.

After a nice social outing (I forced myself out of my fuzzy pyjamas for the occasion), it was quite late when I finally arrived back at the house. Brandishing my flashlight I trekked up the thousand steps to our property in a bit of a hurry because I desperately had to pee. One very icy mojito (okay, I confess I actually drank 1.5) was sloshing about my bladder and it took all I had to race up the steps and get into the house.

But when I reached our gate at the top I nearly peed my pants. As I was fumbling to open it I heard a loud grunt! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I nearly jumped out of my skin, what the hell was that? Recovering quickly I realized it was a boar who obviously I disturbed by my gate rattling while he was digging and having an eating frenzy in our yard again.

I let out a yell which echoed across the valley at 2:00 a.m. Oh God! What the neighbours must be thinking now! When I lived in Toronto I used to always be wary of walking alone late at night because you never know who may be lurking around dark corners. I consider myself to be somewhat street smart and have saved my butt a few times in some sticky situtations where I have been followed by a less desirable person. But I was completely unprepared to be scared out of my wits by a wild animal in the country.

Oh life can be quite amusing don’t you think?


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to Mojitos and boars

  1. Sarah Fontó says:

    have you seen their babies ?

    I know they are destructive and rather scary…but omg their little ones are just the most adorable, little, squeaky lumps of coo-able-ness.

    The church up the road has one as a pet, it likes its ears scratched.

    My husband dribbles when he sees it, but then he has no heart if he sees a fine lunch where I see cute.

    • Hi Sarah, yeah I have seen the babies in the past but this year they only seem to be out at night…last year you had to shoo them away from the car in broad daylight! But the Mama’s never let you get near the babies ever, they always manage to have them in the middle of the gang when people come near. Too bad they are so cute and then they grow up to be so ugly!

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