Vento forte!

I’m in the city for a few days and as I’m hanging my laundry on the balcony I am involuntarily doing my very best Marilyn Monroe impression. I had forgotten how windy Genoa is. Mama’s apartment is up on the hill in a district called Quarto Alto, “alto” literally means “high”. The sun is shining but I am still wearing long sleeves because the wind makes it feel ten degrees cooler. This is not a bad thing because come August that gale force wind will feel quite refreshing in the scorching Mediterranean heat.

For now, I think I may have to refrain from wearing dresses and skirts! I’m not quite ready to show my monkey underwear to the rest of Italy thank you very much!

FYI: “Vento” is “Wind” and “forte” is “strong”. In English we would say “Strong wind”, but like everything else in Italy, the language is also backwards! (or is it English that is backwards?) Perspective is everything my friends       : )


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to Vento forte!

  1. Rosaly says:


    In my language, Portuguese, we also say “vento forte” for strong wind.
    There are sooo many similarities between Portuguese and Italian, but other things are totally different! I am trying to learn some Italian before I go to Italy. I already understand something, but speaking up in Italian is another matter 🙂

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