No more pencils, no more books…

No more teacher’s dirty looks.

Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve got a wide grin on my face this week because school is almost out for the summer! I can here that song rocking in my head by Alice Cooper and I can’t help but be so happy! This week I wrap things up with my afternoon groups and I am pretty sure that I am just as happy as they are. But, there is a slight hitch in my bandwagon…

Seems that when my husband is in town this is the best time to ask me for things. Why? Well because not only am I very happy and in a good mood, but also my head is in the clouds and I don’t always know what I am agreeing to. Case in point: After being held prisoner for three weeks by the Italian residence police I lost three weeks of income too. So, my boss asked me if I wanted to do the “summer camp” with the kids this year. It’s one week in the country where I get to eat, sleep and teach and hopefully ride some horses too. I agreed.

Two weeks later I get an email from my boss informing me about all the crafts and didactics for the “Summer camp” and “Wild west”. With my husband now long gone I perked up and asked, “well aren’t they the same thing?” “Oh No!” panic sets in and my boss writes back no, they’re in fact not. “Summer camp” is two weeks, half days at the school and the “Wild west” is a week in the country. Oh my God, have I just been duped or did I just agree to three weeks solid of teaching kids in June? Have I lost my mind? I’ll let you know by the end of June…has anyone got any Tylenol?


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to No more pencils, no more books…

  1. Rosaly says:

    Ciao Leah!

    I am arriving June 5th in Cecina. Not sure yet for how long, but about 10-15 days. Let’s keep in touch?!. As of when are you on holidays then? :)))



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