And the cat came back…

…the very next day!  

This is one of my favourite cartoons. Which brings me to my latest adventure with my cat. For the record, I love my cat and am not trying to get rid of her like the guy in the cartoon.  

Although I know Stelle is happy and safe with Mama she doesn’t get the same attention that I give her. Every time I visit now I get pounced on immediately with demands for attention. This cat is very particular and I will admit that I spoiled her rotten with cuddles. She has feline HIV and cancer so I treat every day with her as if it could be her last.  

I got Stelle at the “Gattile” (animal shelter) and have only had to put her in the cage once. This cat is so wild that the Vet had to sedate her to examine her.  I remember like it was yesterday as I stood there holding a tissue to my bleeding face, Mama pacing back and forth, while telling the Vet to be careful when he opened her cage door. I look back at that day now and laugh. The expletives that came from the Vet’s mouth and the expression on Mama’s face were priceless. 

This past weekend I tried to put her in the cage again and she went ballistic. Even Mama tried to help me and still no way. After two attempts I decided to follow my gut (or fear), and leave her be. Watching the video above I realize that there is nothing like a cat’s determination and I didn’t want my clothes and arms to be shredded like that guy’s couch! 

For now, not only do I have a part-time husband but also a part-time cat! Stelle is quietly snoozing on my old bed in the city while I am back up here on the hill alone with my Wii. That’s mother nature and that’s life I guess!  

Snoozing Stelle


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5 Responses to And the cat came back…

  1. Hi Leah!
    What is your email?
    Nice story about the cat! I like it! 🙂

  2. If you really do want to take her with you, if you think she can cope with the transition..there is a cat sedative, Kittisan or something likethat, which you can buy OTC at the chemist’s.

    Put a couple of drops of that on some irrisitable food to get here sleepy enough to throw a towel on her and bundle her in the cage.

    We had to move two appartment cats here from Milan and they were both cage-phobic.

    It was worth it. Niehter of them ever left the garden, but after ten years of them being inside cats it was wonderful to let them experience the great outdoors.

    Everytime I look at the plants that mark where they are buried the sadness I feel is bouyed up by memories of Jasper’s insanely funny, vain attempts to catch butterflies and LouLou doing her level best to climb a two foot tree with very bendy branches.

    Oh crap.

    Now I am leaky in the eyezone.

  3. Oh Sarah, now I’m all leaky eyed too!
    Thanks for sharing with me : )
    I will give the drugs some thought but because of her cancer and FIV I am a bit nervous about giving her something that could lower her immune system. I’m also going to be away last week of June for a kids camp and would have to put her through it all over again and bring her back to the city…then I am also leaving in Augsut to sail with my husband overseas. So, in the long term I think I will save her the stress of going back and forth.
    But thanks for the advice.

  4. I think you are right love, if it is going to mean lots of back and forth I think the stress will be too much for her, at the very least she might find it unsettling enough to take the happy out of her life.

    Jasper and LouLou howled like werewolves the whole journey here despite being drugged, Jasper even managed to break out of his cage twice. There is no way I could have coped with that more than once and neither could he.

    That is why he died at home, he would never had survived the car journey to the vet’s (it was Christmas eve so only the emergency vet in the big city was open) and I wanted a peaceful ending for him, not one where he died fighting to get out of a cage and a car, which he thought were the worst things the world had to offer.

    He gave me one silent meow on Christmas morning after a nigh drifting in and out of a coma and then passed away.

    It was quiet and without struggle, the best I could give him, but it has never felt like it was quite enough.

    At Easter we had the same all over again with LouLou.

    I have no idea why I am talking about this, it only makes me cry again.

    But they creep into your heart all furry and demanding, and then time flies and they leave you with a sodding great hole where they used to be.

    You are doing the right thing love. Enjoying her company love, where she is, when you can for as long as she is around. As you said, it’s the quality of her life that counts at this point and being in one familiar place is more than likely the best option for her.

  5. Oh Sarah, I know what you mean about that hole. Just so you know what a soft bleeding heart I truly am, I had my last cat’s name tattooed on my ankle! “Miika” with a paw print. Hurt like a son of a gun, but no regrets. I moved her all the way from Canada to Grand Cayman Island! She lasted 2 years in the Caribbean but they didn’t have the facilities to diagnose her properly when she got ill and she didn’t survive. I always felt like if I hadn’t brought her there maybe she would have lived longer with my ex…

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