Got wood?

Many changes have occurred recently and I wonder now if I should not change the name of this blog. For two years I have lived with Mama and after much discussion with my husband we both agreed that I would make the house in the country my permanent residence. Life up here will be “senza Mama” but on the other hand I will be miles away from the city, my job, my cat and a social life. Just as in life, there are pro’s and con’s to everything.

Once my residency is finalized I will commute to the city and try to balance both worlds. I wish it was a bit warmer though because now I have two portable heaters going and need to climb up four terraces on a muddy hill to get fire wood. If anyone thinks living here is the simple life, well yes, simple but hard! This giant dustbowl of stone and marble is not easy or cheap to keep warm. I miss Canadian houses with central heating and insulation. Everyone thinks it’s cold in Canada but I think it’s colder here if you factor in the humidity and lack of proper heating indoors. Anybody got wood?


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11 Responses to Got wood?

  1. LOL

    I hear you in my cascina in soggy Lomellina.

    Thermals my love, thermals.

    Make the collection, stockpiling and ease of access to wood your year round priority.

    You can never have enough.

    Get those foam strips from Brico and insulate the surrounds on your windows.

    Hang heavy curtains over doors and buy draught excluders to go under them.

    Rugs, and then more rugs.

    Get some fake Uggs a size too big so you can fit big socks inside them, and use them as slippers, if your feet are warm then you will feel warmer.

    The first couple of winters are hard on the soul during the six weeks of really freezing cold weather, then you get the rhythm and it just becomes second nature.

    • Thx for all the tips. We used to keep the wood pile at the end of the field on the same level as the house until we started to notice it was dwindling faster than we were using it…then one day my husband caught the farmer below red handed with a pile of our wood! He must have thought that we were out!!! This is why because of him I have to walk up 4 terraces to the chicken coop where it is now locked up.
      I’ve had an old pair of bootie slippers (kinda like Uggs before Uggs existed). They do the trick, but they are a bit tight so slipping them off and on is a hassle…I like the idea of getting a size too big, smart! Will look into it.

  2. CarrieLyn says:

    I agree with the fake uggs! Here in Trieste, they are essential footwear on my cold wood floors.

    I must say that the pictures look lovely. I know what you mean about the simple life not being easy, but at least it is aesthetically pleasing.

  3. rosalyraimondi says:

    Hi Leah,

    I am going to Italy to start my citizenship process in the end of June, but to live in Italy…that I don’t know. My husband and I do not know yet how to make a living there….We are trying to find out! 🙂

  4. rosalyraimondi says:

    Hi Leah,

    I am going to Italy to start my citizenship process in the end of June, but to live in Italy…that I don’t know. My husband and I do not know yet how to make a living there….We are trying to find out! 🙂
    Great with the photos!!!
    Have you seen my Blog too?

    • Hi Rose, yes, I’ve gone to both of your blogs. I love the Yorkies, they are adorable. My friend has a yorkie poo-Vegas. I thought about getting a small dog but I travel too much. I got a cat and she is with my MIL. I tried to bring her here and she refused to get into her cage…that experience will be a future blog post for sure!

  5. rosalyraimondi says:

    Hi again,

    Sorry for the duplicate comment above. I realised an old blog of mine was showing, instead of my present one. I am not sure how to log on to my blog from wordpress, but here’s the address: (the old one was wordpress)

  6. Justine says:

    Awww yes the brick oven in the summer and il frigo in the winter!!! Lovely photos and I counted how many green gates I had on my commute from the base to our house 20 miles away. 30 green gates along the highway. I think the Sicilians like the terra cotta ones better, perhaps because they resemble the rust they will eventually become?

  7. Lisa says:

    Hi! I don’t know how much electricity sets you back over there, but in the past few years they’ve come out with some great little (13″x5.5″5.5″….larger than a shoe box, but smaller than a boot box) electric space heaters that have very strong fans in them. Here in upstate NY we use them in the spring and fall to avoid turning on the furnace. They can be brought into a bathroom to warm it up before bathing or can be put right by computer desk etc. They shut off if tipped over and can’t be that expensives since hubby has purchased two for our home, a few for the camp on Lake Champlain and one for elderly uncle. Maybe the relatives in Canada can do some scouting for you? PS A whole new generation compared to the scary looking things we grew up with. And, although they’re dry heat, you want that right?

    • Electricity is VERY expensive here because Italy buys their power from France. But we actually have 3 of those heaters you’re talking about. They use a liquid that burns. Two of them also have a fan and one doesn’t because if the electricity goes out I can still use it. But if I put them in the bedroom the smell gives me a headache. We are looking into buying pellet stoves next year…

  8. Lisa says:

    Clarification: Supplemental use only, of course. 🙂

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