Not until the fat lady sings

I know most people were probably hoping that the volcanic ash would not cancel their flights but I was secretly hoping it would cancel my husband’s. He flew out this morning and with no such luck on my part he was actually one of the last flights out of Genova before they shut down the airport. I know what you’re thinking, “geez, does this girl have a black cloud over her head or what?”

But not so fast…I do have some good news. It seems that the police woman called my husband and explained to him that she has been unable to return to the house to check on me because of all the rain. “Rain, what rain? I’ve been under house arrest for weeks, is it raining outside?”

Anyways, according to her I have been approved for my residency! I know, just like that! That’s what I said. But, as my diminished trust level in anything anyone tells me in Italy, I will only believe it when the fat lady sings. This week I will continue to work sporadically and head down to the Commune for my “Carta d’identita” (yeah, another document) pronto. Once I have this in my hands hopefully I can run between those beautiful raindrops everyone is talking about and the fat lady WILL SING! (at the present moment that would be me)

In the meantime here is an old painting project I did a few years ago. The wood is olive and the table top is stone. The wood was rotting and full of termites and spiders before I tackled it. Lets just say it took a can of bug spray, an axe and lots of paint before I was finished with it.


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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