Am I the only one who looks at the expiration date on food? One of my least favourite things to do is grocery shop. However, if I trust my husband to do it I always end up with bread or milk that will expire a day after he’s bought it. He thinks these dates are a mere suggestion so that we will consume the item faster and buy more. Does anyone else go along with this theory?

I don’t know how many times my husband and mother-in-law has said “oh the milk is only a day expired, its fine.” Clearly their “constitution” is much more solid and used to sour milk than mine. Unfortunately I was not blessed with a cast iron gut. Every day I have to add more food to the growing list of what gives me an upset tummy.

Perhaps it’s not the food item itself but the fact that it’s gone bad and being snuck into dishes behind my back. I can hear the whispers now, “go ahead, put that week old milk in there, she’ll never know if she doesn’t see you do it”. Maybe I won’t, but my stomach sure will.

I’ve had stomach issues since I was a kid and given the fact that everything in Italy is centered around food it is no surprise that my stomach is rebelling a bit. Fish, pasta, wine, coffee, and chocolate cake all in one day? I don’t think so!

Once my husband heads back overseas I will resume my tuna sandwiches and salad diet and all will be right with the world again. That and hopefully I will get back into my bikini before summer officially arrives!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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4 Responses to Expired

  1. Rosaly says:

    Hi Leah! I found your blog and I like to read it! The more so because my plan is to live in Italy one day and I like to read about other expats experiences in this lovely country!
    What you write is always nice to read, but I think your blog would be even better if you added more pictures to it! Here’s just a tip 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Hi Rose!
      When are you coming to Italy?
      I would upload more photos but I do usually change my header often. In the country the connection is slow and I am limited to uploads but will take your advise and put more pics in the future : )
      Thx for reading my blog!

  2. sabina says:

    Oh Leah, I do never drink expired milk or eat expired food. And I’m very careful about it. You husband and your mother in law are indeed a bit peculiar and stronger than us, also!!!

  3. Katja says:

    I ignore expiration dates. I put far more faith in my senses of taste and smell – you can tell when something’s bad and when it’s not. Milk and dairy does go off a lot faster than other stuff, but that doesn’t mean that you should chuck it out just because the date has passed by a day. Sniff it first and check!

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