Danger…ebay ahead!

Word to the wise: Never leave a woman home alone with a computer, a credit card and ebay!

My husband has gone to the city for the night. With only 3 Italian channels to choose from on TV I opted to surf the Internet instead.

It all started with an innocent email from my sister…she told me that my 16 year-old niece is searching for a prom dress. Ohhh, I love that sort of thing! My sister doesn’t! Why do I have to be 5,000 miles away at times like this?

So, I did the next best thing. I surfed the net to see what I could find. I have never bought anything on ebay before. In fact, I have never even browsed their site. I innocently typed in the particulars and viola! Photos upon photos of great looking dresses appeared before my eyes. I’ve emailed some pics to my niece and now I am sure she will think I’m the prom dress stalker but I couldn’t resist.

In fact, I almost bid on a dress for her but didn’t want to make her feel guilty if she absolutely hated it and refused to wear it! Do you remember those plastic shoes that light up every time you take a step? Ask my niece if she does…the person shall remain nameless (for the record it wasn’t me), but we all had a good chuckle over those beauties.

And I’ll never forget the furry purple coat my mom bought me one winter. I came home from school crying because all the kids said I looked like a purple gorilla (sadly it was true). Wasn’t it torture enough growing up a redhead? (oops…yes, the truth is out. I’m not a natural blonde…actually I’m more of a natural grey now anyways so who cares!)

But back to ebay for a moment. Only in my wildest dreams did I ever think it possible to actually own a Roberto Cavalli dress and low and behold there they were on ebay and at really affordable prices! Lord help me, but thank God the Internet connection up here is so slow otherwise I would have forgotten my prom dress mission and been the proud owner of an RC dress for me!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Danger…ebay ahead!

  1. beautiful, stunning hair !!

    All I got before the grey fairy struck was a very boring mouse brown.

  2. ourprivateblog says:

    check out http://www.vente-privee.com they have designer sales on everyday!! I am usually very sceptical about this type of thing but even I have caved – seiko watch for husband’s birthday present, shoes for my kids – and all at 50% or more off!)

  3. Shelley says:

    Can’t you just fly home for just a wee little visit?? Just long enough to take your niece shopping for that elusive, original, trend setting dress that exists only in her head ???? Please, please, pretty please!!!!! My natural blonde hair is turning greyer by the minute!!!!!!

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