The wedding dip

Good news! I finally got my Passport. As long as I’m not deported, in a month’s time I have my first official Italian wedding to attend. I’m pretty excited about it and only wish that my husband was going to be here to be my date. Isn’t that why we pair up in the first place, to have a guaranteed date at these types of things?

Anyways, I will go it alone and hope not to be sat at the “kids table”. Although, my Italian language skills would be more at par. I think the last Catholic Italian/Canadian wedding I attended was my sister’s in 1989. And although I remember having fun at her wedding, I also remember being quite drunk before dinner from too many shots in the receiving line (apparently it’s an Italian tradition to toast each guest-250 to be exact-although I suspect my brother-in-law made that up just to liven things up a bit and I stupidly took this tradition literally). Go ahead, insert all the blonde jokes you can!

I certainly don’t plan on a repeat performance, however I’ve also heard that weddings over here are quite different and perhaps I should consider a loose-fitting dress. If it’s anything like Christmas and every other family gathering I’ve been to then I shall expect a marathon lunch followed by me rolling out of the restaurant 6 hours later in a dazed fog and desperate for a nap.

I know the wedding is taking place in a charming seaside village. Do you think it would be inappropriate to take a refreshing dip in the sea between courses? I mean honestly, I’m dateless, who’s gonna notice? ; )


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2 Responses to The wedding dip

  1. eloradaphne says:

    My dearest. 1. wear a loose dress, I am afraid there will be tonnes of food. 2. bring the bathing suit, hell, I wanted to go take a dip in the sea after the huge mega long lunch is over, so please, keep me company!!!

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