Holy Moly!

10,000 hits on this Blog! I never would have imagined it, but thank you to all my readers : )

At least I can take some comfort knowing that even if I have lost my mind up on this hill at least I still have a voice and can be heard. I think that what matters most in life is that we are understood. To be invisible and never feel connected to anyone or anything I think would be such a waste.

Now, onto my recent absence from this site…my Internet expired. Yep, Sunday it was raining and I of course didn’t pay attention to the SMS’ that Vodafone sent. Of all days for it to expire! Of course nothing is open here in this tiny village and on top of which they were also closed Monday. I really am trying very hard to keep my love affair with Italy in tact, but come on already!

In the last few days I’ve continued to sand and paint the old, rusty gate. The farmer’s wife walked by and remarked “oh, you’re painting”, I replied with a friendly “Si”. Then she decided to play with fire and remarked “Why aren’t you painting it green?” !!!! (every fence for 20 miles is green) I held my breath for a nanosecond and said “Well, errr, because it’s black”.

You see, Italy has very strict colour laws. In fact, if you want to paint your house it has to be painted exactly the same, frescoes and all. I’m not against this conformity because it does make Italy the beautiful country that it is. However, given my rebellious frame of mind lately she’s lucky I wasn’t painting it psychedelic purple. Just recently, I called my husband to come pick me up at the bottom of the road (I was walking off a heated temper) and he said meet him at the pink house. I just laughed and said it’s a good thing you aren’t married to my sister. My entire family is “directionally challenged” and here 90% of the houses are pink!

Enjoy the before and after pics of the gate…I’m not quite finished yet because of the rain, but when it’s completed I will post the final result. Ironically, this gate was purchased by my husband’s father just a few years before he passed away. I never met him but the gate happens to have my initials on it “LM”.

Ironic indeed.

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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6 Responses to Holy Moly!

  1. if you run out of things to paint…come on over to my place ( :

    You seem to be doing a far better job than I manage on metal.

    Mine goes all drippy thanks to my impatience.

  2. eloradaphne says:

    Good job Leah btw…I am jealous! I started before you and you already beat me Grrrr!!! Just kidding of course :9 You know I luv you!

    • Elora dearest!
      I have a lot more free time than you to Blog away…if I had 2 cats, a full time job and a fiance to feed and wedding to plan, whew, I got tired just typing all of that!
      Hugs, L

  3. Justine says:

    This post was actually read out loud to my husband who has been privy to listening to me talk about your posts and how I have discovered someone posting thoughts that I have on a daily basis!! Somehow I knew EXACTLY where the pink house comment was going prior to even finishing your thoughts. You see we just purchased a home in Florida (closed April 24), anyhow, I didn’t realize until I returned from the states that I had purchased the ONLY PINK MEDITERRANEAN style home I had seen.
    Just curious, do you read your comments?

  4. Hi Justine!
    Yes, I read all my comments : )
    Keep them coming, I love the interaction.

    Where in Fla did you buy? I am always in Fla catching a ship to visit my husband…funny that you bought the pink one!

  5. Shelley says:

    I never thought of it as being directionally challenged before? I always thought that people just screwed up on their directions to get me lost on purpose!!!!!What ever happened to turn right at the 8th stop sign on the corner with the avondale on the right and Tim Horton’s on the left??? Never mind this east vs west crap!!!Which way is that anyway???
    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!! But thanks for the mention!!!Ha!!

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