Prima Maggio

Apparently today is a holiday. Who knew! I must have missed that memo going around because I’ve been on a forced hiatus for 2 weeks. But not one to sit still for very long, today I decided (to the apparent horror of all Italian passersby because it is a “no labour holiday”) to paint the rusty old gate down at the end of the drive.

I really like painting and find it to be quite relaxing. For years now I have taken up the task and painted everything that is nailed down and metal in this house. My husband jokes and says that most women would be excited when a man returns home with diamonds or perfume but that all he has to do to make me happy is make a trip to the hardware shop. (For the record I set him straight about the diamonds telling him I wouldn’t exactly be disappointed with those either).

This old gate is barely holding on to its tethers and for years I’ve wanted to take a paintbrush to it. There is a family feud (of course, I am in Italy after all), with this property and so I have been careful not to overstep any “invisible boundaries” with my painting frenzy. The gate happens to be one of those “invisible boundaries”.

It is the main entrance into the property however besides us and the resident “farmer” (he is the one who steals our wood and claims to be guarding the property), no one else uses it. The other “half” of the family that this feud is with never come here.

For the last 5 years I have never seen a living soul in the other half of the house. The shutters are rotting and peeling and the gorgeous main entrance has been left to fade away in the sun. The grass, or rather the weeds, come up to my knees.

Finally, my husband gave the green light to paint the gate before it rusts to the point where it too will just fall off its hinges. But the other day I spotted a very large snake that made me scream like a girl so before tackling the gate I chopped away like a jack rabbit on steroids at the tall grass. No snake spotting, the coast was all cleared and I happily relaxed the afternoon away : )


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to Prima Maggio

  1. Justine says:

    This is my favorite Italian holiday. Here in Sicily it is customary to have a Picnic on Monday. Do they do the same where you are? BTW, I totally freaked when I saw a snake crossing the road. Well tried to miss it and WELL, I didn’t. Poor nasty snake. I want to see photos of the gate!!

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