One woman’s Paradise is another’s Prison

There are days when I feel like a small snail under the shadow of a very large boot. The last 24 hours have tested my resilience beyond measure. What I can say for sure is to never listen to anyone who tells you once this is done it will all be fine, at least not when it comes to the Italian law.

Yesterday morning the Police came. As my rotten luck would have it, it is the same woman I had an argument with when she wouldn’t let my friend drive his scooter up our road. In fact, she even told him that by law he was not allowed to park his scooter in our empty space below without a permit either. How many times have I not been able to park in our own space because someone has taken it and yet the Police won’t ticket or tow the car because it’s a private road and yet now she is telling me I can’t use it for my own guest?

Need less to say, she came into the house, snooped around and checked off a box that said “Si”. I didn’t understand everything she was saying but it appeared that all was okay. She seemed to be a bit hot under her woolen vest and navy uniform and I offered her a glass of water to which she declined. She commented on my “living in Paradise” status and I just smiled wanly thinking it’s all really perspective isn’t it?

After I walked her to the gate I optimistically ran back upstairs to get the full translation from my husband. Obviously my joy was a bit premature. Just by the expression on his face, I knew that something had gone horribly wrong. What did she say? What important fact did I obviously miss in translation?

It seems that because I was denied the first time she has declared that she will be returning again within the next 2 weeks to make a second check. (I think you can already fill in the expletives here that came out of my mouth) I don’t know what else to say at this point. I feel beaten and bruised, frustrated and defeated. I’m not one to readily hang up my shield but honestly I’m not sure how much more fight I have left in me.

My husband leaves for overseas next week. With all of this still looming in the air I have had to make more phone calls begging teachers to take my lessons. How can I possibly leave the house for half a day with no one here? What if she comes back while I am working? I will have to load up on food supplies and sit here and wait. I know this all sounds so mellow dramatic and perhaps I am being far too sensitive about it all but every time I think about the next 2 weeks I get a lump in my throat the size of a grapefruit.

Yes, this place is paradise. I won’t deny that it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, but now it has become my prison.


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3 Responses to One woman’s Paradise is another’s Prison

  1. Madeline says:

    I read somewhere, or heard, that there are something like 200,000 laws in Italy that are active (not sure that’s the right word) so basically my strategy was always to suck up and be nice since I figured there would be a law against me in any scenario. Of course that didn’t work 100% of the time either- the policeman I tried to bribe w a case of beer was very unimpressed. Hang in there!!

  2. Ahhh, a case of beer! This woman would probably arrest me for even suggesting it. Remember she turned down a glass of water! I understand she is just doing her job but I think she is a bit misguided. I could see if I was a fatcat here with loads of money trying to scam the system but honestly, I don’t own this house and my mere teacher’s salary is a joke. What can she possibly gain by holding up this process except the satisfaction that she can if she felt like it. Great way to spend your resources!
    Anyways, thx for your encouragement. I’m hanging in there…

  3. This sounds so OTT to me, they obviously know you live there if you have already had a run in over parking with one of them.

    They missed me the first time they came over to check, I was at the supermarket, so they popped back a few days later and that was it.

    You have some right JobsWorths in your area.

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