Sometimes I have to laugh at the odd word choices my husband makes. I’m not sure where he gets his references from, perhaps England, or perhaps even Italian products that have been given cute English names. For example, whenever I need a clothes-pin he innocently refers to them as peckers. Of course in English pecker is slang for the southern region of a man so my immature self always giggles whenever he uses this word. It seems that no matter how many times I’ve corrected him it just won’t un-stick from his brain.

Oh well, I am sure that by now I too have picked up some quirky Italian terms or better still created my own words by mixing Italian and English together. Years to come I hope to be able to laugh at my own rudimentary mistakes.

It’s been almost a week of this forced house arrest deal and quite honestly it’s kinda nice to have a break from work while my husband is here. I miss the days when we both worked on ships and had long vacations together. The only pitfall is that we cannot go anywhere besides this house, but at least Spring is here.

We had to cancel our plans to explore Lago Maggiore this time, but at least we managed to squeeze in the Terme in Tuscany before all this madness. He keeps making light jokes about me being denied residency but I am still failing to see any humour in this situation. I for one will continue to hold my breath until all this business is settled. And if they deny me, well I don’t have my Passport yet so where the heck can I go?

I’ve also passed on my lofty ideas of making Foccaccia bread. After my friend Sabina knocked some sense into me I decided to Google a few recipes and my God it’s a lot of work! Perhaps I will change my mind if this house arrest deal goes into week 2 and 3…


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4 Responses to Pecker?

  1. Justine says:

    That was funny. I love how the Italians speak English past tense words. It isn’t just closed it is close “ED”……
    Anyhow, guess you can take comfort in know that there aren’t any flights available to deport you ;o) I’ve got friends stranded all over Europe

  2. Sabina says:

    This is funny, Leah. You know, sometimes we learn words that are not in the common use, even if I have to say I’ve never heard the word “pecker” until now.
    Ah, Ah…Did I knock some sense into you?! May I give an humble suggestion? Just wait to be alone in the house, with everything you need to cook focaccia…then when the whole family is back, give them a focaccia you bought in a bakery..and tell them that it’s the result of your hard work. As you are supposed to be a perfect housewife, a little trick is permitted:-)! Bacioooooo!!!

    • Sabina!
      A woodpecker is a bird and cartoon character. To give someone a peck means a small quick kiss…Pecker…well according to my husband, it’s a clothes pin : )

  3. sabina says:

    Aaah…nice lesson, darling! Well, I know what a woodpecker is. I didn’t know that to give someone a peck means a little kiss…And now I know why I’ve never heard “pecker” before!!!! Thank you Leah ;-)!

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